Top Putlocker alternatives for Streaming Movies

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Are you interested in watching movies online? If yes, then you are here on the right article so ready for the full article and about the top sites for streaming movies online in your leisure time. If you are fond of watching movies online then you would also know about Putlocker, the best site for watching movies online anytime but unfortunately it went down due to some policy issues.

What is Putlocker?

Putlocker was the site for streaming your favorite movies online anytime anywhere. It has gained almost 7,00,000-8,00,000 users per day who watch movies through the site. Due to policy issues it has been banned and taken offline. After it went down the site owner has changed the extensions of the domain many times as it got banned again and again due to violating the policies.

In present it is working with .kz extension but it is not also assured that till which time it would be working as the content is not in favour of the policies. So for now it is better that we should have some alternatives so that if anytime the site went down than you can choose another option and could enjoy your favourite without any disturbance.

Top Putlocker alternatives for Streaming Movies

Top Putlocker alternatives

There may be many alternatives available in the internet world but we try to suggest some best alternatives among all of them so that you could have a better experience. So let us start with the Putlocker alternatives. Alternatives are as follows:-

Solar Movie

Solar Movie is one of the best Putlocker alternatives just like Putlocker. It also has a huge collection of movies and TV shows and it keeps on adding on more and more as new movies and TV shows comes. In solar movie sites as soon as you open in the browser it will show you the trending and newest movies at the top.

Solar Movie also have some duplicate sites which just look similar and anyone can also get confused so be aware of this type of sites. One best feature of this site is that you can operate it in both smartphones and desktops or laptop.

Top Putlocker alternatives for Streaming Movies

In solar movie all the movies are shown with their rating, description and all. In this you can get movie according to the country where that movie was been created. It has all types of movies thriller, action, romantic and many more which you would like.

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123 Movies

There are many websites in the market but you cannot trust on all of them as they are not safe and legal. It is a good online streaming movies platform. It also has a collection of anime movies, cartoons and many other languages movies which make this site a unique alternative of Putlocker.

123 movies is a very user friendly site and its interface is also very easy to use. You can watch the movies without creating any account on this site. It also has the collection of the recent and most trending movies ongoing at that particular time.

Top Putlocker alternatives for Streaming Movies

This site contains all the sections differently by which you can get your movie or show easily. You can add some filters based on your choice like recently added, added yesterday and many more. You can enjoy more with this site so why to wait go and check the site with the link.

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Popcornflix is another alternative to the Putlocker site. It is not an old site like others but in little time only this site has been able to make a good name in the internet world of movies. It is an online movie watching site that is also free of cost without spending any money.

The website provides all the latest movies and shows in very good and high quality and you can also download the movie by the link provided there. The site contains everything which you want according to your mood you can select like action when you are in an angry mood, comedy when you are happy and many more like romantic, horror etc. and all the movies are in their original languages.

Top Putlocker alternatives for Streaming Movies

If you are getting confused than just scroll the categories in the site itself and you can get a choice from the site and then you just have to play the movie. After that wait some time and your movie will be started so just watch and enjoy.

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Rainierland the name does not suggest anything but does not mean that is not a good site. This is also a good option of streaming movies and shows online. You can see the trending movies in the homepage of this site and you just need to click on the movie and the movie will be started no time will be taken.

Top Putlocker alternatives for Streaming Movies

In this site you get some details related to the movie that is the name of the actor and the trailer of the movie which will help you to get an idea about the story of the movie. One drawback is that it is not ad free means in between the movie you will get some ads which also you have to watch with the movie.

Los Movies

Los Movies is the site for watching or streaming movies online but you cannot download the movie from this site. It is the free site and you can watch unlimited movies of your choice. The site is mainly English site as the name is Los movies but there is a category of different languages in the site.

The movies available in the site are most probably are of 720p quality only some movies are of low quality. The major default of this site is that the popup ads. The popup ads appear again and again and it may land on some different sites which are not good. If you have an ad blocker in your system then it is good because it may block the ads and you can enjoy your movie freely. This is not a serious issue as it can be settled by ad blocker beside this the website is good for watching the movies online.

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Vumoo is the best alternative of Putlocker as it the oldest and finest online movie streaming site. It gives the best user interface as everything is very clear and easily accessible in Vumoo site. The layout is designed in a very perfect way.

There is a massive collection of movies at the home page only as you open the site in the web browser. Vumoo does not ask you for creating the account and registering yourself in the site it means you are directly authorized to watch all the movies and TV shows and that also at free of cost.

As we see other alternatives there is some filters facility of rating, trailers and others but Vumoo does not have all this available but the quality of movies is all time perfect. The filters are just for your sake but the quality is better than other Putlocker alternatives. A movie lover always wants good quality not the filters so this is the best site for all the movie lovers.

Top Putlocker alternatives for Streaming Movies

You can also get new released movies as the database or library of the site gets updated as soon as the new movie or shows are released. All the information about Vumoo is there now it is your choice to use Vumoo or not.

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5Movies is the best and another Putlocker alternative which will help you to see the movies online even when Putlocker is not working. The site is very well designed with a good layout and it gives a royal and rich look. In this you can watch anime movies, cartoons, TV shows and all types of movies.

You do not have to pay any amount in return of watching all this type of movies and shows. The good thing about 5movies is that it provides all the data regarding the genre, country and year which help you to find the movies, shows and cartoons of your choice in a simple way.

This site also keeps the newest, featured and trending movies, shows and cartoons at the home page only by which the headache of finding the newest thing becomes very easy. The site has its own mobile application through which you can access the site in Android devices also and enjoy the movie anywhere without any load as mobile phones are available with everyone every time.

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If you are a movie lover then you should try all the sites once as these are the best Putlocker alternatives and should then select the best site among all of them according to your choice. As we know Putlocker site is not probably available all the time due to illegal and copyright issues so it is better to try something new.

So now you have too much option which you can select from and enjoy your time by sitting anywhere. We hope that you like the article and have got the answer of all your queries in the article. You can protect all your credentials by using VPN while using these sites.



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