How Are Real Wood Phone Cases Made and Why Are They So Popular?

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How Are Real Wood Phone Cases Made and Why Are They So Popular?

The wood constantly surrounds us not only in the form of parks and forests, as we used to think. Many things are made of wood: furniture, windows, doors, dishes, accessories, souvenirs, and other items that make our lives more comfortable. Using different species of wood, it is possible to create unique and incredible things that are actively implemented by leading designers.

Thus, for example, wooden phone cases are a stylish novelty of the 21st century. They are made from natural wood and epoxy resin. Manufacturers take a very responsible approach to creating a unique look of each accessory, so each line is distinct and precise. Today, everyone can buy a real wood iPhone case without any difficulty and provide good protection for their own gadget. But what are their main characteristics of wooden cases? Look for the answers to this question below.

Specificity of Creating Wood Cases

Wood is a natural material, which means that wooden products are environmentally safe. The wood has a pleasant texture and smell, lightweight, easy to handle. Some wood (such as pine needles) even has healing properties. To make a case out of wood, it is necessary to have appropriate tools and skills, because each accessory is made by hand.

Customers can choose from a wide variety of designs for their case:

  • Apply a picture or use your own layout. Wood engraving is carried out using computer programs, so the drawing can be anything;
  • Personalized engraving. Such a product will be an excellent gift for a loved one;
  • Selection of a suitable color base for the accessory.

By choosing the base color, pattern, and inscription, customers receive a unique product. Drawings, as well as inscriptions and patterns, are applied to the product using laser engraving. The use of a powerful laser beam allows achieving the desired result and applying the image in accordance with the original. High-precision laser engraving allows creating a unique wood case that will be a personal accessory or a good gift. A real wood phone case with a detailed image applied to the surface looks expressive, is characterized by the high originality of an eco-style.

Why It Is Beneficial to Buy Real Wood Phone Cases?

Experts recommend buying wooden cases, since using such an accessory provides a number of benefits:

  • Affordable price. Wooden cases have an affordable price and an attractive appearance. You can make sure of this by following the link and viewing the assortment of cases on the online platform;
  • Uniqueness and originality. This is due to the fact that nature makes each tree unique, the same wooden elements are difficult (or even impossible) to find. So, even among the many cases, yours will remain original;
  • Long service life. Wooden cases are durable, unlike plastic, which can melt, chip, or deform over time;
  • Light weight. An important feature of wood is its lightness, thanks to which wooden cases are easy to use and do not thicken the minimalist design of smartphones;
  • Engraving. Thanks to the use of a wooden base, any engravings look elegant, original, and beautiful on the case. It is possible to cover the engraving with silver or gold toner for contrast;
  • Individual design. Everyone can order a design that they like the most.

Variety of Wood Cases

The companies-manufacturers of cases offer a wide range of products from various breeds of a tree, including:

  • Birch. Such accessories have a light color and smooth texture;
  • Pear. The wooden covers made of pear have a nice pink color. They are durable and quite strong;
  • Cherry. Cases made of cherries have a delicate texture and a red tint;
  • Oak. Oak accessories are very strong and reliable. They have a dark brown color;
  • Bamboo. This material is very light and durable, so bamboo cases are very popular today;
  • Veneer. Such cases can be made in different colors.

How to Choose the Best Wood Phone Case?

Choosing the best real wood phone case is not difficult today. When choosing, the main thing is to proceed from what kind of protection the device requires – full or partial:

  1. Full – protection of the case from all sides from external influences;
  2. Partial – protection of individual sides of the case.

The choice of a wood case with full or partial body protection depends on the conditions in which you intend to use the smartphone (normal or extreme, moisture, risk of serious shock, etc.). Not all require complete device protection. It is also worth finding the optimal balance between reliable protection of the gadget on the one hand and an acceptable price and size on the other.

So, wood phone cases are really popular today, as they have a number of unique advantages. Choose the best accessory and provide excellent protection for your device. Read more articles on the Crazy Speed Tech site and find out a lot of useful information!

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