Freebie Website Builder Review – Trials for The Best Hosting

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Freebie Website Builder Review – Trials for The Best Hosting

The days of standard web design and old-style builders is now gone, but more importantly, you can get a free plan with your website building needs which gives you access to develop your website in order to get more benefits later on, as well as being able to host it. With Wix, you have free plans available, and that’s why we’re giving you this freebie website builder review – showcasing Wix free trial online for the best hosting options available.

A Custom Style

Squarespace has been a major web design platform competitor for years, and you don’t get nearly half as many websites on the platform as you can the free version. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t have your website available for free. If you don’t mind your website displaying a little logo that states “Powered by” at the bottom of your page, it is one of the leading business leaders. And you can purchase premium plans for an average price per month. They have numerous templates to choose from and can help you get your start quickly and easily as well.

Personal Websites vs. Business

There are many small business entrepreneurs who are using to get their start and operate their small businesses today, just as there are many personal users who use it as sort of a non-blogging, but standard website design. If you’re a large corporation, you may not want to go through a server and that is perfectly fine, but for small business owners, especially those who have no knowledge of actual web design themselves (or just basic design), Wix offers a drag and drop editing at its best.

The Best Ways to use Wix

The best way to utilize the features of Wix is that they are designed and optimized for mobile devices, while some others require extensive design templates to have to download and learn to code (like WordPress, or manual jQuery/HTML pages). Because of this, you can use it as a drawing board in order to test the way you want your website to appear. Of course, if you want to remove ads and get their premium plan features (like your own domain name instead of a subdomain), then you can simply do so. Otherwise, if you’re using it for design architecture,’s free version is perfect as well.

Conclusion: How to Wix

So, what do you get? You get their custom drag and drop website builder platform that runs directly in-browser (no need to download and add plugins and software). You simply sign up for your account, and you’re ready to run with it. Pick your standard template. You’re only allowed one sit of course on a free plan, but that shouldn’t be a problem if you’re only wanting to run one site.  (You can literally pick from hundreds of pre-designed templates you can customize later).

This being said, when you’re needing just a quick website that is created on the fly, using a tool such as Wix can save you a ton of money on web designers. We still recommend that whoever’s making your website still has some web design and SEO knowledge though to make sure your site operates smoothly and is easily searchable.

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