Federal Bank Net Banking Complete Guide

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Federal Bank Net Banking Complete Guide

Federal Bank is one of the largest private sector commercial banks in India. It’s been 70 years since this bank is serving over 8 million loyal customers including 1.2 million NRIs.

With over 1251 physical branches all over India, Federal Bank handles more than 15% of India’s inward remittances. This dynamic organization has never failed to mould itself according to the diverse needs of its customers. With a tremendous history in digitizing various aspects of banking, such as launching Fedbook App, a mobile-based passbook app, Federal Bank has won a great many awards in numerous sectors.

Hence, this makes the Federal Bank a class-leading organization when it comes to Netbanking or internet banking as well. In this article, we will be discussing the varied features of the Federal Bank Netbanking. Also, You Want federal bank net banking login So, without any further ado, let us jump right into it.

Federal Bank Netbanking

Netbanking also referred to as internet banking, is an electronic payment system that lets the customers of a respective bank perform numerous financial transactions via the dedicated website or mobile app of the concerned bank.

It simply means that almost all the banking services which could be earlier accessed only by visiting the branch physically can now be accessed while sitting on a couch of our home. A person simply needs to have a working internet connection (broadband or sim-data) and a smartphone or a phone that can access the various services of the internet in a browser.

That’s it! Once you have access to both these things, you can easily visit your bank’s website and can perform various functions, just like physically visiting the branch itself. Nowadays, almost every Indian Bank has launched its own personalized smartphone app that acts as a portal for the customer to enter the bank’s online offerings for taking advantage of any of the available services and Federal Bank is no exception.

One needs to first register himself in the desired bank’s app or over its website. The registration procedure is rather simple. You just need to specify your bank account number, its type and some other credentials that will make it easy for the bank’s automated system to identify you. Once registered, the customer can log-in to the same app by entering his/her username and password. The customer is then taken to a user-interface that shows various services that are offered by the Federal Bank.

If you are not a smartphone person or for any reason, wish to handle all this in the traditional “browser-based” method, then you will have to visit the official website of Federal Bank and click on the icon that says “NetBanking”. You will then be taken to the login page where you’ll have to enter your login details,i.e, your I.D and password that was allowed to you when you registered for the Federal Bank Netbanking. Once logged in, you can avail all the services that are offered by the Federal Bank Netbanking portal.

Federal Bank Netbanking Features

Here we present you the various services that are offered by the Federal Bank Netbanking which indeed, aims at making the life of its customers a lot easier and simplified. Some features might be app-specific and some might just be website-specific, but they all can be broadly classified into two major categories:-

1.Non-transactional Features: Downloading bank statement in the form of a PDF document, Viewing account balances, Applying for a certain banking service, Viewing transaction history are among the various non-transactional services that the Federal Bank Netbanking portal offers.

  1. Monetary Features include BHIM UPI, Purchase and/or sale of investments, RTGS, Apply for loans, Payments to third parties, Payment of loans, Fund Transfers to one’s own accounts, NEFT, Apply for Debit or Credit card.

Federal Bank is also one of the few banks to entertain its customers over various social media platforms such as twitter and facebook. We would strongly recommend that you shall follow Federal Bank on all its social media handles as you can get the latest updates about various services including Federal Bank Netbanking.


To sum it up, we would like to say that Federal Bank is one of the highly trusted banks in India and if you are one of its prestigious customers then you shall definitely give a try to the Federal Bank Netbanking app or simply access it via your computer and browser. ifinancebox Guide.

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