Beautiful Places to Visit in Sochi – Russia

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Beautiful Places to Visit in Sochi – Russia

If you’re like most folks, the 2014 Winter Olympics comes to mind when you hear of the city of Sochi, Russia.

Yes, the city of Sochi was rebuilt and restructured to welcome athletes and spectators for the Olympics events, but there is more to the city.

Historically, Sochi was the destination for powerful Russian emperors. Nowadays, it has been transformed into a luxurious destination for all thrill seekers and fun lovers.

It’s not just a regular relaxation location; it’s a place with the mystical power to transform an ordinary vacation to a superb holiday.

When you’re in Sochi, you’d get to see beautiful structures, visit surreal locations, and connect with folks from other regions of the world.

What’s more, Sochi is the perfect destination for travelers who desire to experience a mix of culture, traditions, and history.

To take your visit to a whole new level, you’d need a place to lay your head — a hotel suite that’s designed to provide all the comfort and historical aura you deserve. And any of the best hostels in Sochi (Russia) would do just fine.

Aside from the best hotels in Sochi, there are a couple of places that would tickle your fancy as a first time visitor.

These locations are not exclusive for first-time visitors; you can also explore it again if you’ve been there before.

Let’s face it, these are historical and surreal locations, and you’d get to experience fun all over again. They are natural areas that accommodate travelers and offers unique cuisines to fit your needs.

Enough said. Here are beautiful places to visit in Sochi, Russia.

1. The Sochi Arboretum

If you’re a lover of flowers, and you love great sights of beautiful gardens and rare plants, then the Sochi Arboretum is the right place to be.

It’s comprised of thousands of beautiful rare plants, and the place has been in existence since the nineteenth century.

Here, you’d get to see lots of botanical plants and flowers spread across forty-nine hectares of land.

That’s not all…

The Sochi Arboretum is designed with separate sections. Each section is comprised of flora from a different world region.

That is, you get to see unique kinds of plants from Australia, China, North America, and South America.

Furthermore, the park is a dwelling place for birds and animals like peacocks, ostriches, pelicans, and raccoons.

2. Mount Akhun

If you’re not acrophobic, and you love the idea of exploring and seeing places 663 meters above sea level, then the Mount Akhun is the right place for you. At the top of the mountain, you’d see the Romanesque tower.

The Mount Akhun region is humid. Therefore, before exploring the area, you’ve got to get yourself ready for the intense cold. One way of doing that is by coming with a raincoat.

Yes, a raincoat is not the ultimate protection against cold, but it would go a long way to make you feel warm and safe.

One more thing…

Due to the nature of the region, travelers tend to skip the Monument to the Heroes of the Great Patriotic War.

You should do yourself a world of good by stopping by and basking in the aura of the fallen heroes. At least, you get to see a glimpse of the brave folks who fell in defense of their great nation.

3. The Sochi Dolphinarium

Exploring aquatic lives and witnessing an epic performance of smart Dolphins has never been so easy.

In the Sochi Dolphinarium, you get to see creatures like Dolphins, Seals, Walruses, and beluga whale partake in a show.

The tricks are quite usual — jumping, counting, and singing. Seeing these creatures perform these tricks can be a source of excitement and thrill for all visitors.

That’s not all…

Visitors are allowed to swim with these remarkable creatures.

Fascinating! Isn’t it?

If you’ve had enough fun and excitement with the dolphins and water creatures, you can take a walk to the Rio zoo.

Paintings and pictures of these beautiful creatures are sold all over the place, and taking one home is an ideal way of reliving the Sochi Dolphinarium experience all over again.

4. The Olympic Park

The 200 hectares is an ideal place for all adventurers and folks who would want to relive the 2014 Olympic experience.

The region is somewhat desolated, but surreal structures would make your visit worth it.

You can start by visiting the Olympic Square (The Square of Six Stadiums) — one of which is the Fisht stadium. The stadium has a capacity of forty-five thousand spectators.

It’s the place where the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics were held.

After exploring the Fisht stadium, you can also explore the Ice Arena. The Ice Arena was the stadium where the Olympic hockey tournaments held.

If you’ve had enough exploration, you can take a rest in the dancing fountains.

Before going to the dancing fountains, it’s ideal to check out the timetable so you won’t miss out on any juicy show.

5. The Sochi Park

The Olympic Park is a great place to be, but if you want to experience fantasy and more amusement, then you should take a walk to the Sochi Park.

Sochi Park is a universe to the Russian Fairytales. It’s designed for both children and adults.

Adults get to see epic rides that would thrill them and also make them uneasy.

Kids get to experience lots of amusements that would keep them occupied throughout their stay.

The park is structured into five different time zones…

  • The Trade Alley which is quite similar to the festival trade fair of Russia.
  • The Charmed forest with mysterious figures and tall towers.
  • The Eco-Village with exciting things like water playground, a pavilion of crafts, and rides. It’s the ideal location for kids.
  • The land of warriors where you’d get a feel for ancient folklore characters.
  • The land of Science and Fantasy: An experience in the mysterious futuristic playground would make you long for more.

Conclusion — Experience the Ultimate Leisure in Sochi

Sochi offers dozens of magical places where you’re sure of having fun and experience some of the most thrilling Russian history and traditions.

Moscow is the easiest route to Sochi — a 2-hour flight would take you there.

However, you would experience more fun by using the train. With a train, you’d see more exciting places and get to witness other historical locations.

Whether you’re coming for a business trip or you merely want to have a great relaxing vacation, a visit to the Mount Akhun and the Sochi Arboretum would make your stay worth it.

What’s more, you can explore other places like the Sochi Dolphinarium, the Olympic Park, and the Sochi park for a more fulfilling experience.

Where’s your favorite destination in Sochi?

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