An Ultimate Guide to Causes & Treatment of Breast Cancer

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An Ultimate Guide to Causes & Treatment of Breast Cancer

Among the types of cancers, that can cause death to the women; breast cancer is second. It is a type of cancer that is formed in the breast cells when they start increasing uncontrollably. The breast cells multiply abnormally and form a lump or a tumor in the breast. These cancerous breast cells can move or spread to other parts of the body also. The breast cancer can be formed in the breast duct, breast lobule, or the connective tissue in the breasts.

Not just women, but men can also get breast cancer, but decidedly less compared to women. The breast cancer treatment is possible if it gets diagnosed in early stage.

Learning about the causes behind the breast cancer

There is no one factor to be individually blamed for causing breast cancer, as there are many causes and factors behind breast cancer. Here are some of the risk factors involved in producing breast cancer.

  • Gender – Mostly women get affected by breast cancer in comparison to men.
  • Age – With the increase in period, the risk of getting breast cancer also increases. In general, breast cancer arises in people above 40years of age. Women above the age of 50 or 55 have more risk of breast cancer.
  • Birth of Child – Women giving birth to children at an early age are less prone to breast cancer, in comparison to the women giving birth after 35years of age. The women who never get pregnant also comes under the risk of breast cancer.
  • Family history and Genes – If someone in your family has a history of breast cancer, then you have the risk of getting it. The chance of breast cancer also increases with some inherited genes.
  • Lifestyle – The effect of lousy lifestyle which includes smoking, consuming tobacco, and alcohol, no physical activity, etc. also increases breast cancer risk.
  • Early menstruation and late menopause – Be it the early menstruation that is before 12 years of age. Or be it the late menopause that is after or by the age of 55 years. Both these cases lead to the risk of forming breast cancer.
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy Women who are taking certain medications for lowering the menopause symptoms also tend to get breast cancer.

How to get the breast cancer treated?An Ultimate Guide to Causes & Treatment of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer treatment depends on the several factors like the stage of your breast cancer, the size of a tumor formed, and whether it is invasive cancer or non-invasive. You can find the best oncologist in Delhi to get the treatment done.

  • Chemotherapy – In this treatment, patients either take the pills orally, or it gets injected into their vein. Chemotherapy can be used either to reduce the size of cancerous breast cells. Or to kill them for preventing them from moving to other body parts.
  • Hormonal Therapy – Through this oral medication treatment, the growth of breast cancer cells can be stopped. Because the cancerous cells are blocked from receiving hormones which help in further growth.
  • Radiation Therapy – With the help of the radiation, the treatment is done to destroy the cancerous cells present in the breast.
  • Surgery-Breast cancer can be treated using surgery also. The lump formed by the breast cancer cells is removed during the surgery. There are two types of surgery done in breast cancer. Lumpectomy, where the lump or the cancerous cells are removed. Other is Mastectomy, where the breast is removed from the body.

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