5 Must-Have Car Tools to Carry on Your Road Trip

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5 Must-Have Car Tools to Carry on Your Road Trip

The vacation vibe is around the corner, which means a lot of road trips will be soon upon us! While a mere thought of road trips brings a lot of excitement, do not let the anticipation divert you from the common-sense preparation for vehicle breakdown.

Remember, when you are out in your car, especially during the long road journey, the situation can become worse when you least expect it.

Imagine spending hours in the middle of the road looking for help for your car repair. What would you possibly do than waiting for tow-truck or someone to repair your four-wheel vehicle?

You definitely don’t want this! Right? So, the best solution to rescue from this heart-breaking situation is to carry some essential car tools and make your trip hassle-free.

Check out the list of five must-have car tools:

Cordless Impact Wrench

Speaking of flat tires, a cordless impact wrench is far better than the standard equipment lug wrench.

It is a must if you are on a long road trip or for those who want to change a flat tire during inclement weather. Basically, it shortens the task of changing the flat tire and helps assemble the new michelin tires easily. They are sometimes sold with cordless drills with a common battery. You can also pick it up solo. Make sure to buy the correct sized socket for your vehicle.

A Compact Jump Pack

One of the most usual suspects that can cause vehicle breakdown is alternators and batteries. To address this issue, you can, of course, go with jumper cables, but that has become centuries old. However, look for a compact jump pack from a trusted company.

These are small batteries that you connect to your faulty car battery and use them to restart your vehicle. This car must-have will give peace of mind during the journey, especially, if it is a dark and stormy night.

Multi-Tool Knife

Often people have been found in their hood, crawling under the vehicle fixing some unresponsive part. Instead, carrying a multi-tool with some self-fusing silicone tape and odd bits of wire will be handy and do the job well.

The multi-tool kit is one of the marvels that every road traveler must carry. A good multi-tool Knife in a single package can be handy. It has wire cutters, regular or locking pliers, straight and serrated blade knives, can opener, and a flat-head screwdriver.  This all-in-one tool is mind boggling!

You can also use snowflake tool if you don’t have multi knife tool handy

Duct Tape

This might sound simple, but it can fix a myriad of ills. From temporary emergency fixes on hoses to damaged bodywork after a fender bender, it can patch your car back long enough to drive it to a repair center and save you from spending hours for a tow truck. While they are so handy, make sure to get a good quality tape, as the quality stuff works better in a wider range of situations.


It is pleasing to think that all your troubles on the trip will happen during the daytime, but what if misfortunes occur in the dark? If you think your cell phone is enough, you can be in the real hustle.

Have a flashlight that can give you perfect visibility to fix faults in the night time. With a wide variety of flashlights are in the market, look for one that has a magnet on the sides for comfortable hands-free use. Make sure to check your flashlight if it is good working condition before hopping on for the trip. You never know when you might need a constant source of light for prolonged hours.

Of course, you can add more tools to your ultimate tool essentials. But, these five car tools are a must in your list to enjoy your journey with a sense of relaxation!

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