5 Gadgets Every College Student Should Have

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5 Gadgets Every College Student Should Have

College is loaded with new duties. There are endless course readings you have to study through, a huge number of papers you have to write and an unhealthy intake of caffeinated drinks to keep you going especially during the finals week. Finding some time to rest and de-stress is more difficult than before. It is a major adjustment that every freshman faces. As a student, your life becomes faster and busier; you may not have time to do what you want anymore. Nevertheless, there is nothing to be terrified of because that is what everyone goes through and – guess what? – survives.

In fact, survival became even easier thanks to the advancement of technology, ubiquity of gadgets, and services like Paper Due Now paper writing who help students grappling with their written assignments. Here are the five tech essentials you will need as a college student.

USB and anti-theft laptop backpack

With technology turning to be a basic essential, you will need a dedicated place to keep all your gadgets. Smart backpack resembles your conventional backpacks, however, it has more advanced features that someone always on the run will appreciate. It can charge your phone and tablet, play your favorite playlist for concentration, and keep your laptop safe. It has a built-in charging cable with USB charging slot which will allow you more mobility. It also has an anti-theft feature placed at the back and has a reasonable amount of space that is good for your textbooks and other school supplies.

Portable external hard drive

Having a compact external drive that you can take wherever you go is very convenient especially for students who are working on several academic papers at a time and must always have all materials at their fingertips. No matter the capacity of your laptop’s built-in drive, external is a must. You can carry it around and connect to any device that is available at the moment. So you can work on your papers at the library computer, or at any other. It is easy to use and no need to read any manual because you just plug it into your laptop’s USB slot and it is ready to go. With it connected, you can copy, paste, and save files using your usual file explorer.

Portable Printer

Getting a portable printer will make your student life easier and more convenient. If you are working on writing and printing out tons of academic papers, there is a chance that you finish some of the assignments on the go, minutes before you have to hand it in. In such cases a possibility to print the thing out here and now is invaluable. Also, there is a sense in investing in a good one, otherwise don’t bother with the purchase at all. Buying a cheap printer that will let you down at a crucial moment you only add another problem to your life instead of solving it.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Being able to stack all your required academic reading onto one little nice-looking gadget will save you a lot of legwork and weight-lifting. While working on your term papers, dozens of books are required and we all know how heavy they usually are. Instead of buying paperbacks, you can get e-books instead – they are cheaper and this will help you to save some cash. Also, unlike library books, these are always with you in case you need a quick round of revision.

Portable Charger

In educational settings, electronic gadgets are utilized intensely for academic purposes as well as for entertainment. Students type their notes on laptops, look up definitions on the web, and keep their timetables and assignment deadlines on their calendar apps inside their phones. Regardless of whether it’s your mobile phone, tablet or laptop, it’s essential to keep those tools always charged and ready. This is the reason why you should get the portable charger – not every classroom has enough outlets.

What are some gadget you cannot live without? Share the suggestions in the comments and make life easier for your fellow students!

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