4 Mistakes to Avoid in College Especially When Broke!

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4 Mistakes to Avoid in College Especially When Broke!

For most people, college is the one place where they made their biggest mistakes in life. This is mainly because, as a young adult, you did not care much about how you spent your money or even time.

Barely a month into a new semester, most students are usually broke and looking for alternative ways to earn a living, whether legal or not. In this state of desperation, some students end up making decisions they will regret for the rest of their lives.

In this article, I will share the four top mistakes to avoid in college even when you are broke.

Doing Another Student’s Assignment

Every college has a fair share of some lazy students who would pay you to complete their assignments, or do some exams for them. Despite this being a fantastic opportunity to earn quick money, do not be quick to jump into this offer.

Most campuses have a strict no cheating policy, and doing another student’s work is cheating in its highest form. The penalties for these are rather, and thus, when caught, you will suffer greatly.

If you really need the money, you can try out other legitimate ways to earn money such as filling out surveys online.

Living far from the college

Living far from college means you will incur extra travel costs. You’ll also find it hard to attend early morning classes or even stay late in the school library hence result in a significant drop in your performance.

Despite the cost of rent for the apartments near the school, you should ensure that you live as close to the college as possible.

If you are in Vienna, you can always rent Vienna apartments monthly, which are closer to your campus. They are well furnished and will help you get organized quickly for the new semester.

Accumulating debt

Debt is one of the biggest reasons why college students get in trouble. When in debt with the wrong person, you may be obliged to take part in some shady tasks to reimburse your loan. Most times, you will live to regret that decision.

Only take debts that you can pay if you need the money, and take it from people you trust, such as close friends or relatives. Otherwise, avoid it altogether, and talk to your parents or guardian.


If you ask most recent graduates about their college mistakes, dating will definitely be among their top mistakes. This is because dating is more of a commitment, a serious task that’ll take up much of your time and also money. This is, however, my opinion and is thus subject to discussion.


Your time in college is the most fundamental time you have in life to build your personality, relationships, and career. There are many mistakes you will probably make along the way, but still, make it your aim to avoid the above mistakes.

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