How do you tell a war story by Tim Obrien?

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How do you tell a war story by Tim Obrien?

You can tell a true war story by the way it never seems to end. Not then, not ever.

What war is Tim O’Brien referring to in his story?

William Timothy O’Brien (born Octo) is an American novelist. He is best known for his book The Things They Carried (1990), a collection of linked semi-autobiographical stories inspired by O’Brien’s experiences in the Vietnam War.

How does O’Brien distinguish between a war story and a love story?

In the work of fiction The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien, the author said that this war story is not about war, it is about love and memory. This is true because if his story is only about war, the story would be incomplete and would make us feel disconnected.

What is the purpose of how do you tell a true war story?

While the narrator tries throughout the story to make the reader believe that true war stories can be recognized by a certain arrangement of words, that true war stories are never about war, and that fiction is a way to get to the truth of an event, O’Brien may be doing something very different.

What does O’Brien mean by truth?

For O’Brien, something isn’t true unless it feels true. Whether or not it actually happened is beside the point; something can even have happened and not be true.

Why does Rat Kiley kill the baby water buffalo describe the emotions he experiences?

3 out of 5 Rat Kiley killed the baby water buffalo because he was so distraught over Curt Lemon’s death. He felt like he needed something to release his anger and grief, and the water buffalo just happened to be there.

Why does cross burn Martha’s letters?

Cross burn Martha’s letters? For much of the story, Lt. Jimmy Cross wonders if Martha, a girl back home, is in love with him. After Ted Lavender is killed, Cross feels deeply guilty that he was not able to protect him, and burns Martha’s letters and photo as way of trying to apologize and make things right.

Who killed the baby buffalo in the things they carried?

After Curt Lemon is killed—could be the same day, could be a while after—the soldiers find a baby water buffalo. Rat Kiley pats its nose. He tries to feed it. Then he begins to shoot it.

What happened Rat Kiley?

Having seen too much war and too many wounded bodies, he also can’t stop imagining how living people would look if they were dead. He finally arranges for his own exit from the war zone by deliberately shooting himself in the foot. He is then medevaced out to Japan. Previous page Next section.

Why did Rat Kiley shoot himself?

This chapter in Tim O’Brien’s book is told by a narrator, based on what he heard from fellow platoon member Mitchell Sanders. Rat Kiley develops a tenuous grasp on reality because of the things he’s seen in Vietnam, which prompts him to shoot himself in the foot so that he can be sent home.

For what did Rat Kiley have a reputation?

For what did Rat Kiley have a reputation? Exaggerating. Who used the compound where Rat was stationed for a base of operations? The green berets.

Why is O’Brien mad at Jorgenson?

O’Brien was angry at Bobby Jorgenson, the new medic who replaced Rat Kiley, for being too scared to get to O’Brien promptly after O’Brien was shot in the bottom. He “wanted to hurt Bobby Jorgenson the way he’d hurt [him].”

Why does O’Brien hate Bobby Jorgenson?

Why does O’Brien hate Bobby Jorgenson so much? Jorgenson got spooked when O’Brien got shot and almost died of shock. Also Jorgenson messed up patching the wound and O’Brien’s butt started to rot away.

Do O’Brien and Jorgenson make peace?

When “O’Brien” meets up with Jorgenson, he realizes how much anger has come to control him. He almost forgives him, but instead keeps alive the tension between them. More important than making peace, “O’Brien” acts out his need for making war, something that he desperately missed being stationed on a base.

Why does Tim O’Brien want to get revenge on Bobby Jorgenson?

When O’Brien is shot the second time, Jorgenson is incapable of treating his shock, and the result is a harrowing, painful experience for O’Brien. The realization that he was near death for no good reason leaves O’Brien seething—he vows to exact revenge on the frightened, incompetent Jorgenson.

What does the ghost soldiers add to the book?

“The Ghost Soldiers” adds a new perspective that is not much discussed throughout the book. It adds the accounts of O’Brien’s attitudes towards the other soldiers. O’Brien recalls that he was shot twice. During and after his treatment, O’Brien appreciates Kiley’s skill, courage, and ease.

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