Can you text the Gardai?

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Can you text the Gardai?

If you are in Ireland and are a victim of a crime or witness a crime, you should contact the Garda Síochana (Irish police force). The emergency services’ telephone number is 999 or 112. If you are deaf, hard of hearing or speech-impaired, you can report a crime by SMS text message on 112.

How do I contact the Garda Commissioner?

You can obtain a copy of the Code, or contact the Council, at, PH: (01) 6489130, Lo-Call 1890 208 080 or email: [email protected] In his current role as Commissioner of An Garda Síochána he has responsibility for both Policing and State Security for Ireland.

How do you call the police in Ireland?

There are two emergency numbers in Ireland — 112 and 999. Both are free of charge to call. Call the emergency services by dialling 112 or 999 from a mobile or fixed phone line. 112 also works in any EU country and from any phone, free of charge.

Who runs a Garda station?

Garda Síochána

An Garda Síochána
Agency executive Drew Harris, Garda Commissioner
Regions show 4
Stations 564

What can a Garda ask you?

If you do not give your name, address and date of birth, a Garda may require you to provide a name and address. For example, if a Garda suspects that you have committed a road traffic offence or a public order offence, the Garda can demand your name and address.

Are you allowed to record Garda?

Gardaí have raised concerns about the public turning the camera on them. Gardaí to wear body cameras and use other recording devices such as drones in certain circumstances; Mobile CCTV and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras to be fitted to Garda vehicles.

Who is the current Garda Commissioner?

Commissioner Drew Harris
Office of the Garda Commissioner The general direction and control of An Garda Síochána is the responsibility of the Garda Commissioner Drew Harris. He is responsible to the Minister for Justice, Equality & Law Reform, who in turn is accountable to the Dáil (the Irish legislature) for the activities of the Service.

What are the Garda ranks?

Garda Commissioner.

  • Deputy Garda Commissioner.
  • Assistant Garda Commissioner.
  • Chief Superintendent.
  • Superintendent. 191.
  • Inspector. 500.
  • Sergeant. 2,460.
  • Garda.
  • Is there a height requirement to join An Garda Siochana?

    The minimum height requirement to become a member of the Garda Síochana is to be abolished. Entry to the Garda Síochana will now be based on physical competence and brainpower rather than height.

    What area code is 666 in Ireland?

    The full number for Dun Laoghaire police station is 01 666 5000. Therefore the Dun Laoghaire Dublin code is also 01.

    How much does a Garda detective earn?

    The average Garda Síochána salary ranges from approximately €34,348 per year for a Clerical Officer to €67,187 per year for a Detective.

    What is the salary of a Garda superintendent?

    Pay scales for members of the force range from €25,745 to €45,793 for a garda; €46,229 to €53,119 for a sergeant; €53,404 to €59,178 for an inspector; €72,841 to €84,909 for a superintendent; and a chief superintendents enjoying a salary range of €87,259 to €104,457.

    When to call Garda station for accessibility help?

    Emails are monitored during normal office hours. Call 999/112 or your local Garda Station if an immediate response is required. Accessibility help?

    What is the phone number for the Garda Siochana?

    Garda Siochana. Garda Siochana, Companies & Businesses. Garda Siochana. Address: Blanchardstown 15 Co. Dublin. City of Dublin. Phone number: (01)6667000.

    How to contact Finglas Garda station by phone?

    Finglas Call: +35316667500 Email this Garda Station

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