What does the term drop a deuce mean?

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What does the term drop a deuce mean?

To defecate
Filters. (vulgar, slang) To defecate.

Where did the term dropping a deuce originate?

From slang use of deuce (“number two”) in reference to feces.

Is it spelled deuce or Duece?

A deuce is one of the number two cards in a deck of cards. There are two main meanings of deuce, both of which relate to the number two. The first is a playing card: the two of clubs, diamonds, hearts, or spades is called a deuce. In sports like tennis and ping pong, a deuce is a tie.

Is Deuce a French word?

Check out this quick guide to tennis terminology and where it comes from. Deuce (so called when the score reaches 40-40 in tennis) is also thought to come from the French. It could derive from the word deus, Old French for two or from à deux de jeu (meaning two points from the end of the game).

How do you say poop in a fancy way?

Poop Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for poop?

excrement defecation
fecesUS ordure
stool faecesUK
manure scat
waste deuce

What does drop the Deuce mean?

Definition of drop the deuce. drop the deuce. verb. to defecate. From “deuce” meaning two, and “go number two” meaning to defecate.

What do they mean by a deuce?

Deuces means goodbye. Deuces is used to say goodbye and is often accompanied by a two-fingered peace sign. An alternative spelling of duces is often used. Deuces Vegas, that was an epic weekend.

What does “Deuce” means?

Deuce is referred to a type of playing card. Deuce is considered as one of the four playing cards in a deck that have two spots. In sports such as Lawn tennis , badminton as well as table tennis, its meaning refers to a tie between the two players wherein any one player out of the two has to win successive two points to win a game after the tie.

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