How do I make different page sizes in InDesign?

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How do I make different page sizes in InDesign?

Mix different page sizes in the same file

  1. Select one or more page thumbnails in the Pages panel.
  2. Click the Edit Page Size button at the bottom of the panel.
  3. Choose Custom.
  4. Enter a new Width and Height and click OK.

How do I reduce an A4 PDF to A5?


  1. Click the “Open” button to open a acrobat pdf documents.
  2. click ‘resize’ button to open resize window, you can set new paper size value to A3, A4, Letter, B4, B5, Legal, Custom Size etc…
  3. Click the “Save” or “Save as” button to change the PDF paper size.

How do you print an A5 booklet on an A4 document in InDesign?

  1. Create new document.
  2. In The dialog select the “Facing Pages” checkbox and set your A5 page size and margins and page count.
  3. If you are going to print this yourself use File > Print Booklet… to impose and print onto your A4 sheets, otherwise, export an appropriate PDF and deliver to the printer.

What are different page sizes?

Popular paper sizes and printing formats: A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8

Paper Size Width x Height (mm)
A1 594mm X 841mm
A2 420mm X 594mm
A3 297mm X 420mm
A4 210mm X 297mm

How do I resize an A4 document to A5?

Go to print and, from Printer Properties, set the scale factor to 70.7 percent. That will adjust it to A5 size (on A4 paper).

What is the size of booklet?

The paper standard and most common print sizes are 8.5” x 11” and 5.5” x 8.5” and these sizes offer the best value for just about any booklet project. Portrait orientation refers to a book that has a width dimension smaller than its height dimension (see diagram above).

How do you make an A5 booklet in InDesign?

To start a new booklet:

  1. Choose File > New > Document.
  2. Type the Number of Pages in your field, in this case 4 for the cover, 12 for the inside pages (we’ll use 2 double sided 1/2 sheets of letter).
  3. Select Facing Pages—gives you left and right-hand pages in your document.
  4. Choose Letter – Half 5.5 x 8.5 for you Page Size.

How to make an A5 print ready leaflet InDesign CS5?

File > New > Document. Within the new document settings, set these attributes. This tut is for a four page A5 (210 x 148mm) leaflet. Enter the following values: Intent: Print.

How do you change the size of a page in InDesign?

Click the Adjust Layout button. Change the values for Width and Height. This changes the dimensions of all the pages in the document, and the text frames and images will scale and move to attempt to fit the new page dimensions. Select one or more page thumbnails in the Pages panel. Click the Edit Page Size button at the bottom of the panel.

How to check for double spaces in InDesign?

Generally designers receive pre-typed text to work with (word doc, text file etc), so it is good practice to check for double spacing and spelling/grammatical errors. A good way to check for double spaces is to open the Find/Change palette. Access it by Edit > Find/Change (Command + F).

Where do I find the page tool in InDesign?

This is where the Page Tool (Shift + P) comes in handy. The Page Tool (Shift + P) is a really useful little tool that you can find in the Tools panel. Up near the top of the Tools panel, just the third option down, is the Page Tool. It looks like a white rectangle with a small cursor at the corner.

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