How do you enter multiple files in Robomongo?

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How do you enter multiple files in Robomongo?


  1. copy json (from text view)
  2. right-click on another collection.
  3. choose “Insert Document”
  4. paste my json (multiple documents)
  5. edit json.
  6. click “Insert” Like this (in the same format as result in a text mode) Right now we can only insert documents one at a time.

How do I insert multiple records in MongoDB?

Insert Multiple Documents collection. insertMany() can insert multiple documents into a collection. Pass an array of documents to the method. If the documents do not specify an _id field, MongoDB adds the _id field with an ObjectId value to each document.

How bulk insert works in MongoDB?

MongoDB bulk insert performs ordered insert by default. If an error occurs during the insertion at a certain point, the insertion does not happen for the remaining documents.

How do I import data into Robomongo?

to import data for a collection in Robomongo:

  1. Right click on collection.
  2. Select ‘insert Document’.
  3. Paste your json data.
  4. Click validate.
  5. Click save.

What is foreign key and do MongoDB have foreign key?

A foreign key is a column or a group of columns that acts as a cross-reference between two tables. It consists of a primary key column on the parent table, referenced by other columns from the child tables.

What is DB command?

With the USE DB command, you switch to another database session without having to exit the Loader session. The connection to the current database is terminated and the new database session is opened. This setting applies as long as no other database is specified with a USE DB command.

How do I insert a row in MongoDB?

To insert a single document using MongoDB Compass:

  1. Navigate to the collection you wish to insert the document into:
  2. Click the Insert Document button:
  3. For each field in the document, select the field type and fill in the field name and value.
  4. Once all fields have been filled out, click Insert.

What is bulk in MongoDB?

Each group of operations can have at most 1000 operations. If a group exceeds this limit, MongoDB will divide the group into smaller groups of 1000 or less. For example, if the bulk operations list consists of 2000 insert operations, MongoDB creates 2 groups, each with 1000 operations.

How do I run Mongodump?

Run mongodump from the system command line, not the mongo shell.

  1. Connect to a MongoDB Instance. To connect to a local MongoDB instance running on port 27017 and use the default settings to export the content, run mongodump without any command-line options:
  2. Connect to a Replica Set.
  3. Connect to a Sharded Cluster.

Does MongoDB need lots of RAM?

MongoDB requires approximately 1GB of RAM per 100.000 assets. If the system has to start swapping memory to disk, this will have a severely negative impact on performance, and should be avoided.

Does MongoDB use foreign keys?

MongoDB References Normally, MongoDB doesn’t work with the concept of foreign keys. The foreign keys can be used in the Relational Databases for visualizing data from multiple collections simultaneously.

How to import a JSON file into robomongo?

to import data for a collection in Robomongo: Right click on collection. Select ‘insert Document’. Paste your json data. Click validate. Click save.

What’s the difference between Robo 3T and robomongo?

Since it was launched, Robo 3T (formerly Robomongo) has provided an open source MongoDB tool that provides innovative functionality to meet the needs of enthusiasts and the wider community. Robo 3T (formerly Robomongo) doesn’t emulate the MongoDB shell, it embeds the same engine and environment, that is a part of mongo shell.

When to perform an ordered insert in MongoDB?

If true, perform an ordered insert of the documents in the array, and if an error occurs with one of documents, MongoDB will return without processing the remaining documents in the array. If false, perform an unordered insert, and if an error occurs with one of documents, continue processing the remaining documents in the array.

How to use Robo 3T to connect to MongoDB?

Robo 3T is a cross-platform MongoDB Management UI Tool. You can learn more about it from here. After installation, connect to the local server. Add the name, while the default address is localhost:27017. Test the connection and click on the “Save” button. Click on “Connect” button. Now, MongoDB is connected to our system.

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