Is Saini backward class?

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Is Saini backward class?

The Saini community is given representation in government jobs and educational institutes as an Other Backward Class (OBC) in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Sainis profess in both Hinduism and Sikhism.

What are the caste comes under BC?

Bc (backward caste) comes under OBC category i.e other backward class which is collective term used by government of India to classify caste which are educationally or socially disadvantaged.

What is backward caste AC?

Other Backward Class (OBC) is a collective term used by the Government of India to classify castes which are educationally or socially disadvantaged. It is one of several official classifications of the population of India, along with General Class, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (SCs and STs).

What is BCA and BCB category?

Both BC-a and BC-b belong to same caste backward class but different sub caste. Both these different sub caste(BC-A and BC-B) differ in terms of reservation percentage. BC-A has less reservation when compared to BC-B. Hope this will help you.

Is Khati a low caste?

Khati caste is one of the many castes subcastes of India. Khati caste belongs to one of the above 4 categories.

Which is the caste of BC b in Haryana?

BC B Caste List in Haryana 1 Ahir/Yadav 2 Gujjar 3 Lodh/Lodha/Lodhi 4 Saini, Shakya, Koeri, Kushwaha, Maurya 5 Meo 6 Gosai/Gosain/Goswami

Who are the four subcastes of the Kushwaha family?

The term has been used to represent at least four subcastes, being those of the Kachhis, Kachwahas, Koeris and Muraos. They claim descent from the mythological Suryavansh (Solar) dynasty via Kusha, who was one of the twin sons of Rama and Sita. Previously, they had worshipped Shiva and Shakta .

Where are the Kushwaha found outside of India?

William Pinch notes a Kushwaha presence in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, and they are also recorded in Haryana. Outside India, they are found in the Terai of Nepal, where they have variously been officially recorded as Kushwaha and as Koiri.

Who are the ruling elites on Kushwaha Island?

The traditional ruling elites like Rajputs and Brahmins are politically and economically marginalised on the island while cultivating castes like Koeri, Ahir, Kurmi, Kahar and others have improved their social and financial position. According to Crispin Bates: The Vaish are the largest and most influential caste group on the island.

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