What height are seekins rings?

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What height are seekins rings?

Ring Height: 30mm Low: 0.82″ 30mm Medium: 0.87″ 30mm High: 0.97″ 30mm Extra High: 1.26″

What does 20 MOA scope mount mean?

20 MOA is generally used for shooting 500 – 1000 + yards depending on your scope and caliber. At 100 yards, one MOA is about 1″ (slightly more) The scope mount cants downward at 20 MOA, which will allow you to zero your gun at a greater distance.

What is 30 MOA Picatinny rail?

There are 60 minutes in 1 degree so 20 minutes is 20/60 or 1/3 of a degree. The rail forms a triangle with the action so for a 7 inch long rail the height difference will be: 7 inches * sine(0.33°) or about 0.0407 inches. For 30 MOA: 7 * sine (30/60) = 0.0611. for 40 MOA: 7*sine (40/60) = 0.0814.

What is a 10 MOA rail?

20 Degrees = 1200 minutes of angle, or 1206″ difference in point of impact at 100 yards. Now a 10 minute rail (MOA) shifts point of impact about 10.5″ @ 100 yards, while a 20 MOA rail shifts point of impact by about 21″ @ 100 yards.

What height mounts for 50mm scope?

Ring Height

Outside Objective Diameter Ring Height for 1 Inch Tubes Ring Height for 30mm Tubes
50mm, 1.968 inches .270 inches .300 inches
51mm, 2.000 inches .270 inches .300 inches
52mm, 2.047 inches .270 inches .300 inches
53mm, 2.086 inches .270 inches .300 inches

Is a 20 MOA base necessary?

Why would anyone need a 20MOA base? A 20MOA base is only needed for certain applications. When a shooter is adjusting the elevation dial on the scope for ranges longer than what the gun is zeroed for, at some point, they will run out of elevation in the scope. In many instances this is around 600 yards, give or take.

What is scope base MOA?

Technically speaking, MOA stands for “Minute of Angle” – a measurement of angle equal to 1/60th of one degree. In practical terms, MOA refers to how much the scope base is tilted relative to the axis of the barrel. This means that with a flat or 0 MOA base, you can only use about half of your scope’s adjustment range.

What is the difference between 0 MOA and 20 MOA?

The general rule of thumb is if you have 15 minutes of angle or less, then you want to go with the zero MOA rail [00:06:00] at 50 minutes of angle or more or 51 minutes of angle or more go with the 20 MOA rail, so that way you’re not bumping into this unreliable section of your optic mount.

What height scope rings should I use?

To select the correct height ring calculate the height of half of the riflescope’s widest point (normally the objective bell of the scope), you will then need to know the height from the bottom of the ring mount to the middle of the ring mount, select the ring mount height that is just over half of your riflescopes …

What size mounts for 40mm scope?

Ring Height

Outside Objective Diameter Ring Height for 1 Inch Tubes
38mm, 1.496 inches .270 inches
39mm, 1.535 inches .270 inches
40mm, 1.574 inches .270 inches
41mm, 1.614 inches .270 inches

Are Picatinny and Weaver the same?

the basic difference between the weaver and picatinny slot dimension is that the picatinny has a slightly wider, and slightly deeper slot. A weaver style base may have only one or two slots, and the placement of the slot can be anywhere on the base.

Where does the base go on a 20 MOA?

A 20MOA base is canted down in the front toward the barrel. By canting the base down in the front, this is what allows for more usable elevation adjustment in the scope. To many shooters who are not familiar with the concept, canting a scope down in front sounds incorrect. They feel it makes more sense to them if the scope is pointed up.

How tall is a 20 MOA rifle scope?

If we then changed to a 20MOA base, the scopes laser would be on target, and the rifles laser would be hitting the target 20 inches high.

How big is steel nut in Seekins precision?

Please feel free to email Seekins Precision: [email protected]. Torque Specs for Parts; Steel Nut is 50 ft. lbs on all applications. BAR / MCSR is one gas tube hole from hand tight. Ring clamp is 50-55 inch lbs. Ring cap is 20 inch lbs. Scope base is 15 inch lbs. Any rail screws are 20-25 inch lbs Wrench Sizes

How to place an order on Seekins precision?

When you are ready to purchase, click the Proceed to Checkout button and fill in the necessary Billing Information, Shipping Information, Shipping Method, and Payment Information fields. The Order Review page will appear once you have filled out the required information. Click the Place Order button to complete your order.

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