Does case have a lifetime warranty?

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Does case have a lifetime warranty?

The Case Limited Lifetime Warranty: Case does not warrant its products against normal wear or misuse. Case knives are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars or screwdrivers. If your knife was damaged due to misuse, our repair department can analyze the damage and repair it for a reasonable fee.

Are Case knives still good?

They are not perfect, but they are about as good as they have ever been for Case. Today Case Cutlery is making a very nice knife at one of the best values in the country. Issues that are common with Case knives: They don’t spend time trying to get water-tight backsprings, thus don’t let small gaps surprise you.

Do Case knives hold their value?

It’s been driven into us that condition means everything when it comes to pricing a knife, but you’re absoutely right that Case Knives (especially the older and more rare runs) seem to hold their value better than most.

What is the most collectible case knife?

Case copperlock knives are very collectible and retail from $500 to $600 each as of early 2010. The knives come in plain and commemorative models with the rare Case XX Jade Colored Copperlock Auto with Filework retailing for $629.95.

Does Apple have warranty on cases?

Yes! Apple offers a 1-Year iPhone Case Warranty. The warranty protects against defects in materials and/or workmanship.

Where are Case knives made?

the USA
Today’s Case Knives are made in the USA and include traditional folding pocket knives, fixed blade sporting knives, and limited edition commemoratives.

Are Case knives made in China?

The majority of our knives are made in Bradford, PA, where Case has been manufacturing cutlery for well over a century. Tec X brand knives are manufactured in China to W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery quality standards.

Who Makes Case knives now?

Zippo Manufacturing Company
Today Case is owned by Zippo Manufacturing Company, makers of the world-famous Zippo® windproof lighter, another family-owned business based in Bradford.

Are knives a good investment?

At the very least, it becomes a tangible asset with a potential value that may be able to be recouped. Just be honest with yourself about that potential value. A knife collection can be a wonderful asset with modest investment potential.

What do the X’s mean on Case knives?

The XX trademark goes way back to the early days of Case. The were one of the first knife co to double temper the steel. The would mark an “X” on the batch of knives when the when in the furnace and then when they put them in for the second run they would mark the second X so they would know the had be tested twice.

What are old knives worth?

Knives in good condition regularly appear on specialty sites like The Knife Auction and also on more general auction sites like eBay and BizRate. $10 to $20 is the typical final price for most models here as well, with larger versions going for as much as $50 or more.

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