How do you get clayface in LEGO Batman?

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How do you get clayface in LEGO Batman?

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes While he doesn’t appear in the main story, Clayface can be found in Open-World Gotham at the Gotham Bank. Here he can be fought and unlocked as a playable character.

How many Lego Batman movie sets are there?

There are 30 LEGO The LEGO Batman Movie sets in 2017.

How many pieces are in the Lego Batcave?

1,037 pieces
This set includes over 1,037 pieces. This cool kids’ toy makes the best birthday gift for Batman™ fans. LEGO® Batcave toy including detachable prison and transformation tower modules measures over 8” (22cm) high, 16” (43cm) wide and 3” (9cm) deep.

How do you unlock the Riddler in LEGO Batman 1?

In order to unlock Clayface and the Riddler in “Lego Batman,” you need to complete the villain level “The Riddler Makes a Withdrawal.” Use Clayface to have him lift the Dumpster and move it. This will scatter Lego pieces–use these pieces to replace the wall lever and use it to open the window shutters.

How do you throw Batarang in LEGO Batman?

Batman can throw batarangs by holding square and targeting an enemy.

How do you unlock characters in Lego Batman?

Characters List

  1. Alfred — Unlock Code: ZAQ637. Bane.
  2. Batgirl — Unlock Code: JKR331. Batman.
  3. Bruce Wayne — Unlock Code: BDJ327. Catwoman.
  4. Catwoman (Classic) — Unlock Code: M1AAWW. ClayFace.
  5. Clown Goon — Unlock Code: HJK327.
  6. Commissioner Gordon — Unlock Code: DDP967.
  7. Fishmonger — Unlock Code: HGY748.
  8. Freeze Girl — Unlock Code: XVK541.

Who is Clayface in Lego Batman The Videogame?

Clayface, also known as Basil Karlo, is an enemy of Batman. He only appears in LEGO Batman: The Videogame. In the game he possesses super strength and can jump higher than most characters. He appears as a boss on the first level, You can Bank on Batman, and was playable in The Riddler Makes a Withdrawl.

How big is the Lego Batcave Clayface invasion?

Batcave Clayface™ Invasion 4.2727272727272725 5 9. Inspire kids to create their own thrilling stories with this 1,037-piece LEGO® DC Batman™ 76122 Batcave Clayface™ Invasion construction toy.

Who is the mayor in the Lego Batman movie?

Team up with Batman to take on Clayface and free Mayor McCaskill from the clay prison in THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE: Clayface Splat Attack set.

How many Batman minifigures are in Lego Batcave?

And with 6 minifigures and a posable, big build Clayface, this cool kids’ toy makes a great super-hero gift for Batman fans. This LEGO® Batman™ toy playset includes 6 minifigures: Batman, Bruce Wayne™, Robin™, Batwoman™, Catwoman™ and Two-Face™, plus a posable, Clayface™ big figure with snapping jaws and gripping hands that can hold a minifigure.

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