Where is the Veilfire rune in the Still Ruins?

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Where is the Veilfire rune in the Still Ruins?

Inner Sanctum
Veilfire glyphs Spirit Rune Schematic – located in the very back of the Inner Sanctum, on a plaque found behind the staff; see side quest The Heart of the Still Ruins.

Where are the Still Ruins Dai?

The Still Ruins is located due west of the Lost Springs Canyon Camp (which is the first camp you port into when you arrive in The Western Approach. Upon defeating the Venatori in front of the Ruins and looting them you will receive the quest: A Tevinter Relic Hunt.

What is Veilfire?

Veilfire is a kind of magical fire that is used for dungeon exploration and finding secrets.

How do I open the gates of Toth?

To get to the other side of the gate of Toth you have to first complete the mission to get rid of the darkspawn. When you close the tunnel you can exit the dungeon on the opposite side from which you enetered and make a camp. The access to the gate of toth is in the area that is now open to explore through that camp.

Where is the dragon in Western Approach?

It can be found in the southernmost area of the Western Approach, in The Wastes (south of Nazaire’s pass). Prerequisites to fight the dragon include the Abyssal High Dragon quest chain for Frederic.

What is Spirit damage?

Spirit damage is exactly what the name says. Damage, dealt by the damage type “spirit.” I think lore-wise, it is magic drawn from the fade. Enemies have resistances to different damage type. It is unlikely it does less to each type of enemy (unless other attributes of the weapon/upgrade change an attack rating.

How do you get Felandaris?

There are several ways you can get Felandaris:

  1. Pick it up in Emprise du Lion.
  2. Pick it up in the Arbor Wilds.
  3. Randomly loot it.
  4. Find it in Frostback Basin (Only as part of the Jaws of Hakkon DLC)
  5. Buy it from the Stone-Bear Hold Crafting Materials merchant (Only as part of the Jaws of Hakkon DLC)

Where is Veilfire in Frostback basin?

If you’ve played JoH, you may know that there’s a somewhat random veilfire torch on the west/left side of the map, not far from the Basin Camp, which serves no discernible purpose.

What level should you be to fight the Abyssal High Dragon?

Level 14
Boss: Abyssal High Dragon. The Abyssal High Dragon (hereafter AHD) is at Level 14 and will not level with you. You can run away at any time, and she’ll wait for you when you’re a bit stronger. Even if you’re a couple levels higher though, he may be a challenge on Normal difficulty unless you do some preparation.

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