What are the answers to the impossible Quizmas?

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What are the answers to the impossible Quizmas?

The answer buttons read 10000000+, More then 4, Sandpaper, and Twelvety. The correct answer is clicked, 10000000+.

What is the answer to 53on the impossible quiz?

In short, the correct answer is LOAD ” “, which is what you must type in a ZX Spectrum/Splapptrum to load a game.

What is the answer to number 24 on the impossible quiz?

Question 24 of the Impossible Quiz Book asks “Which smell lingers for far too long?”. The answer choices on the screen are “Cheese”, “B.O.” (which stands for “body odor”), “Corned beef” and “Cow pat”.

How long do contestants stay on impossible?

The format was further altered in series 4 in that the departing contestant was no longer replaced, leaving that seat empty for subsequent episodes. The batch of contestants would also stay for a week instead of two, as in previous series.

How do you beat level 59 on the impossible quiz?

What you have to do is to rapidly click the circle so that the “lazer” charges, until it is eventually fired, destroying the bomb in the process. You’ll then hear the noise of a non-existent crowd clapping at the circle, which will then smile and give you a thumbs up, before you move on to the next question.

How do you beat level 53 on the impossible quiz 1?

Question 53 of The Impossible Quiz is yet another picture question, and this time around it shows a picture of a jar of Marmite. You have to pick the corresponding answer (or rather, the most fitting one), out of the four available choices, which say “Urgh!”, “What is that?”, “…but Pa might not”, and “Yum”.

How do I become a contestant on impossible?

The online application form can be found via this link .

  1. Alternatively, a postal application form can be requested via the address below or by calling our office on 0141 227 3962.
  2. Impossible.
  3. The closing date is 13 September and all applicants must be over 18 years of age and have the right to reside in the UK.

Are there any trivia questions about meteorology?

Meteorology Questions: Trivia Quiz! Meteorology Questions: Trivia Quiz! Meteorology is a division of the atmospheric sciences that entails atmospheric chemistry and atmospheric physics. The most prominent area of meteorology is weather forecasting.

Which is the first question in the impossible quiz?

Question 5 is the first maze question in the Impossible Quiz. You must move your cursor to the red dot as indicated by the screen, which will make the “maze” appear, along with the message “Now, don’t touch blue!” and two faces: a sad one and a happy one, with arrows pointing to the start and…

Where is the maze in the impossible quiz?

Reference(s) None. Question 40 from the Impossible Quiz is the third maze question of the game. After following the usual routine of moving your mouse over to the red dot on the left side of the screen, the “maze” will appear in front of you.

How many circular spaces are there in the impossible quiz?

But the thing is, there are only two circular spaces where you can move: one where you start, and the other one on the other side of the screen containing the other red dot, both of them completely surrounded by blue, with no way to cross over it normally.

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