What apple is comparable to McIntosh?

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What apple is comparable to McIntosh?

Cortland apple
The Cortland apple is bright red, with a crisp white flesh that is incredibly juicy with a sweet-tart flavor. Like the McIntosh, the Cortland is a soft apple, though not quite as soft as a McIntosh; however unlike the McIntosh, the Cortland apple can be used in many ways, from eating, baking, to cooking.

Are Gala and McIntosh apples similar?

Gala’s have a golden yellow and red exterior with a slightly yellow interior color. They have a mildly sweet flavor and crisp texture. When picked, McIntosh apples are sweet, juicy, and tart with a bit of spice to the flavor.

Are there different types of McIntosh apples?

Offspring of the McIntosh include: the Jersey Black hybrid the Macoun, the Newtown Pippin hybrid the Spartan, the Cortland; the Empire; the Jonamac, the Jersey Mac, the Lobo, the Melba, the Summered, the Tydeman’s Red, and possibly the Paula Red.

Which apple is sweeter Gala or Honeycrisp?

Gala apples have a sweet flavor, a good crunch and has been the top apple at Kauffman’s Fruit Farm for a few years. Take the Honeycrisp, which has a more complex flavor than a Gala, he says.

Why are my McIntosh apples red inside?

These apples have a natural tendency to bleed into the flesh. This red color is made of anthocyanin and pyrocyanidins that are water soluble pigments that import red, blue and purple pigments into leaves, fruit and flowers. Surprisingly, the red pigment anthocyanins and procyanidins are good for health.

Why can’t I buy McIntosh red apples?

“Part of the reason it’s less popular today is that it’s not crisp enough,” he says. In an age of good dentistry, apple buyers want a crunch. The other problem is its red colour that lacks the stripy variation of Gala and Braeburn, which between them account for 45% of the UK market.

Can McIntosh apples be used for baking?

McIntosh is an apple that has been loved since John McIntosh discovered seedlings in Ontario in 1811. It’s worth the wait, though—this apple is tart and juicy-crisp, with finely textured flesh that holds its shape well, perfect for pie and other baking uses. Pink Lady apples hold their shape and flavor well for baking.

What can I substitute for a McIntosh apple tree?

Fall Red – Zone 2 – A perfect substitute for the McIntosh apple. Super hardy and disease resistant, with a taste similar to the McIntosh apple, Fall Red is an excellent alternative to this popular but disease prone and frost sensitive apple tree.

What kind of sauce can you make with McIntosh apples?

There are many excellent types of dishes to make with McIntosh apples. This variety has a balanced sweet-tart flavour and a unique soft, fine texture that cooks quickly. The tender flesh easily breaks down into a juicy pulp when cooked, making McIntosh a great choice for sauce.

What kind of flavor does a McIntosh apple have?

This apple variety has a primarily sweet and tart flavor with some tanginess. It tastes like tart apple cider and is incredibly juicy. The old-fashioned apply flavor of a McIntosh apple mellows with time to a more sweet and pear-like flavor. This apple is known for its tender white flesh, which bakes down well.

Is there a good substitute for an apple?

Sadly, there isn’t a really good substitute for the Mac in the off season, though Empire, and its generic vinous and berry qualities, are widely available most of the year in supermarkets. If your mouth loves the Mac, congratulations! You can probably enjoy almost any eating apple, and I encourage you to be adventurous.

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