Are there any haunted places in the state of Wisconsin?

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Are there any haunted places in the state of Wisconsin?

With Halloween just around the corner, we thought we’d share 12 of our favorite haunted places in Wisconsin. Make sure you add these to your list! One of the scariest places in the state of Wisconsin, confirmed by the Travel Channel, is the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee.

Is there an insane asylum in Owen wi?

The Clark County Insane Asylum in Owen, Wisconsin is a popular place for visitors who are looking for haunted experiences. Visitors report hearing voices and seeing apparitions. Former residents of this asylum were tormented and murdered by the staff by means such as electroshock therapy, ice water submersion, and bloodletting.

Are there any haunted places on Washington Island?

There have been several reports of hauntings here, most of which are by the founder himself, Charles Pfister. Nelsen’s Hall & Bitters Club on Washington Island has been around for decades and is full of loyal patrons. This includes (former) owner Tom Nelson, who’s said to still frequent the club. He died years ago in the apartment above the club.

Who is the owner of the haunted house in Wisconsin?

Arnold Hinshaw claimed that he found human remains behind a secret door in the closet, but there is no record of him ever officially reporting it. The next owner was Raymond Bober who reported seeing a ghost that he believed was an 18th-century explorer named Jonathon Carver.

Why is there a haunted bridge in Wisconsin?

The story suggests that several years ago a bride and groom were driving home from their wedding when the car spun out of control as they crossed the bridge that carries Highway 66 over the Plover River.

Is there a haunted school in ashipunn Wi?

January 2006 Update: The school was condemned in the early 1990’s, and a few years ago it was torn down, but some people still see lights there late at night. Ashippun – Ashippun School – closed school in Ashipunn, Wisconsin on Hwy O. School had an eerie feel when going by and playground had creepy feel as well.

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