Are 2002 BMWS rare?

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Are 2002 BMWS rare?

The 2002 was BMW’s predecessor to the 3 Series. While Turbo decals are relatively common on 2002s, the car itself is rare; BMW only made 1,672 Turbos during the production run. And this example is even rarer still; it was restored by its previous owners, three-time Indy Car champion Bobby Rahal and his son Graham.

How much is a BMW 2002 worth?

A: The average price of a BMW 2002 is $30,097.

Is the BMW 2002 a good car?

Everything you need to know before buying a BMW 2002 Looking back, the success of the 02s is no great surprise – these are great-looking cars that are easy to look after but also a hoot to drive, thanks to torquey engines and safe but entertaining rear-wheel drive handling.

What model is the BMW 2002?

BMW 02 Series

BMW 02 Series
Body style 2-door coupé 2-door convertible 3-door hatchback
Layout FR layout
Engine 1,573 cc M10 I4 (1502, 1602) 1,766 cc M10 I4 (1802) 1,990 cc M10 I4 (2002) 1,990 cc M10 turbo I4 (2002 Turbo)

What year did BMW make the 2002?

The BMW 2002 made its debut in 1968; a base model with a single carburetor developing just 101 hp, which was no real improvement over what the Datsun 510 was delivering, and a 2002 Ti version fitted with twin Solex 40 carburetors and a higher compression engine delivering a useful 119 hp and a top speed of 115 mph.

How much does a 1976 BMW 2002 weigh?


Engine Location : Front
Drive Type : Rear Wheel
Production Years for Series : 1973 – 1976
Price : $6,575-$6,850
Weight : 2380 lbs | 1079.55 kg

How much horsepower does a BMW 2002 have?

At first, there were two versions of the 2002 out there: the single-carburetor model with 101 horsepower on tap and the dual-carburetor high compression 2002ti that put out 119 horsepower. A third version with an automatic transmission and the engine of the base 2002 became available in ’69.

Is a 2002 BMW 325i a good car?

’02 BMW 325i – Great Car! Very comfortable car and is very easy to work on especially with the help of many online diy videos. Lacks interior storage would be my biggest complaint. Other than that it is an amazing vehicle.

When did they stop making BMW 2002?

Only the diehards noticed when the 2002 disappeared after 1976. Altogether, about 400,000 cars with the 2002 designation were built before production stopped in July 1976, just about the number of 3-series that BMW now builds in a year. Only 86,887 2002s were sold in the United States.

What years did BMW make the 2002?

Fast Facts – The BMW 2002 ✱ These two men loved their new 2.0 liter cars so much they approached the BMW board of directors with a proposal for a production model, and this is how the 2002 came to be. ✱ The 2002 remained in production from 1968 until 1975, with almost 400,000 built in total.

Why is it called a BMW 2002?

Fast Facts – The BMW 2002 ✱ The 2002 is named not for the year 2002 but for the fact that it has a 2000cc engine and 2 doors – 2000 + 2. ✱ The BMW 2002 was created almost by accident, when two senior BMW executives each had a new 2.0 liter M10 engine installed in place of the 1.6 liter engine in their BMW 1602s.

How many BMW left 2002?

2021 2017
BMW 2002 T LUX 5 5
BMW 2002 TII 118 96
BMW 2002 TOURING 7 6
BMW 2002 TURBO 9 10

What kind of car is a BMW 2002?

1975 BMW 2002 The BMW 2002 Series is a compact executive car produced by German automake 1975 BMW 2002 tii – Fully Restored Only 12589 k 1976 BMW 2002Here is a 1976 BMW 2002 that is available in a gorgeous color combination of Verona wi

Is there a 1976 BMW 2002 for sale?

1976 BMW 2002Here is a 1976 BMW 2002 that is available in a gorgeous color combination of Verona wi Motivated to sell due to financial setbacks from current events. One of th 1976 BMW 2002 Unknown miles as it has surpassed 100k i’m sure. Runs, drives, and stops.

When did the BMW 2002tii come to America?

The 2002 arrived stateside in 1967 to instant success and rapid, and highly profitable, sales. U.S. dollars were better than gold in 1960s Germany, making these sales even more important.

When did the BMW 02 series get replaced?

In 1975, the 02 Series was replaced by the E21 3 Series (except for the 1502 model which continued until 1977). The 1600-2, as the first “02 Series” BMW was designated, was an entry-level BMW, and was smaller, less expensive, and less well-appointed than the New Class Sedan on which it was based.

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