What to do if there is no publication date for MLA?

No Date. If no date is provided, skip that information. It’s recommended that you add the date you accessed the work at the end of the citation. Access date is given by putting the word “Accessed” followed by the Day Month (Shortened) Year the work was accessed/viewed.

How do you cite a publication date in MLA?

Publication Date (Works Cited)This element begins with a number (year or date) or a capital letter for the name of the month.Full dates can be given in either the day month year style (example: ) or the month day year style (Jan 28 2016), but be consistent (MLA 94).

Do you have to cite facts in MLA?

In general, you must document sources when you provide information that you ordinarily would not have known before conducting your research, and when you provide information that it cannot be assumed the reader knows. You must cite a reference when you: Discuss, summarize, or paraphrase the ideas of an author.