Should I help Bhelen or Harrowmont?

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Should I help Bhelen or Harrowmont?

Personality wise he is a better person than Bhelen by far, and much kinder. Bhelen is more of a reformer and deviates from tradition, as he will give the casteless more rights and privilege in exchange for service in fighting the darkspawn, something Harrowmont would never do, and making the nobles angry with him.

Did Bhelen kill his father?

Although he leaves it ambiguous as to whether he killed their father, Bhelen defends his actions by saying that even their father inherited the throne after his elder brother died in an Honor Proving against a convicted murderer, and claims that their father coated the murderer’s blade with poison to ensure his …

Did Bhelen kill his brother?

I played my noble as a really nice guy, so Bhelen killed his oldest brother, then he framed his other brother and his second and manipulates their trial to ensure that they are condemned like he needs it. Namely his brother being made Darkspawn fodder and the second being made casteless and exiled.

Where is Lord Helmi?

Lord Helmi is found in Tapster’s Tavern in the Orzammar Commons, drinking away his time. It is fairly easy to convince him to vote for Bhelen, although asking him about his political views can shed some light on the different candidates.

What happens to Gorim?

Gorim pleaded to let him accompany the Dwarf Noble but the Bhelen-supporting deshyrs wouldn’t allow it, and instead Gorim is exiled and sent to the surface. Furthermore, he will give to a Warden of the Dwarf Noble Origin, the shield of Aeducan and a letter from King Endrin.

Where is Vartag Dao?

the Chamber of the Assembly
Vartag can be found in the Chamber of the Assembly in the Diamond Quarter. He will offer a task to enable the Warden to prove their loyalty.

Where do you get the finger bone token in Dragon Age?

Acquisition. It is dropped by the Carta thugs inside the Dust Town Home. The home is revealed after speaking to Nadezda or Rogek. If the Warden is of Dwarf Commoner Origin, Leske will inform the Warden instead.

Is Varel a GREY warden?

Background. Varel has spent his life defending Amaranthine. When the Grey Wardens took over Amaranthine, they reinstated Varel as seneschal. He is privy to many secrets of the order, despite not being a Grey Warden himself.

How old is Dagna?

↑ In Dragon Age: Origins, set in 9:30 Dragon, Dagna reveals she is 19 years old if the Warden tells her father of her plans and then speaks to her again.

Who is Bianca to varric?

Bianca Davri is a surface dwarf and member of the Dwarven Merchants’ Guild. She is also a former lover of Varric Tethras and the eponym of his crossbow.

Which is better, harrowmont or Bhelen in Dragon Age?

Much harder to help Bhelen when he TOOK THE CROWN FROM YOU… Dwarven Noble origin made that part far tougher. Still, Bhelen IS a better King. Good Kings are rarely nice… I wish you could be King.

Which is better Behlen or Bhelen in Dragon Age Origins?

Harrowmont is a better man but Bhelen is a better leader if you have played the dwarf origin you will know how dirty Bhelen is but its what is best for orzammar. Behlen is dirty as hell but Harrowmont is steeped in bigoted traditions. I’m glad I didn’t play a dwarf and had to deal with this.

Who is a better leader harrowmont or Bhelen?

Harrowmont is a better man but Bhelen is a better leader if you have played the dwarf origin you will know how dirty Bhelen is but its what is best for orzammar. I had blood in my eyes for Bhelen and will happily live with whatever may come from that decision. Both are crappy people, honestly. Just in different ways.

Who is the heir to the throne in Dragon Age?

My humans and elves think of throne succession in Fereldan terms. Behlen, as the son of the King, is the only one fit to take the throne even though they see the dispute between the two upon entering Orzammar and it’s explanation of dwarven succession.

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