What type of relationship do Sergei and the goldfish have what evidence in the text reveals this what does this say about Sergei?

What does the dialogue between Sergei and the goldfish reveal about their relationship? That Sergei feels that the goldfish is his friend because the goldfish talks to him everyday when he gets home. The goldfish is only there with Sergei because its his job. You just studied 7 terms!

Did Sergei use his last wish to save Yoni?

Yes, It allows you to figure out on your own that Sergei made the right decision and used his last and final wish to save Yoni. A theme is an important idea about life or human nature expressed through a story’s characters and event.

What misunderstanding causes the story’s main problem?

What misunderstanding causes the story’s main problem? The fish lies to Sergei about why Yonatan is there. Sergei thinks that Yonatan wants to take the goldfish.

What did Sergei wish for?

His wishes are to cure his sister of cancer, heal Sveta’s son without telling Sveta how it came about, (lines 135-145), and bring Yonaton back to life even though Sergei knows he will have to set the fish free (lines 162-163 and 176-177).

Why does Sergei kill Yoni?

Sergei interacts with the goldfish and Yoni. Sergei’s interaction with Yoni shows how he wants to be left alone with his goldfish. When Yoni interacts with the fish Sergei’s protective instincts kick him and he hits Yoni.

Are Yoni and Sergei communicating well?

Lines 73-77: Are Yoni and Sergei communicating well with one another? The two men cannot communicate well because Joni is speaking Hebrew very fast and Sergei who comes from Russia cannot speak the language very well.

What literary technique does the author use to tell the reader about Sergei’s former wishes?


What does Sergei fear?

His greatest fear is being alone. He has a talking goldfish whom he caught in the sea who grants him three wishes. How do Sergei’s three wishes reveal a way in which his character acts consistently?

What does Sergei want out of life?

What does Sergei want from life? Sergei wants to be able to sleep and get up when it’s dark. He wants to go fishing by himself.

What might a door or doorway symbolize why do you think the author uses this motif?

Answer: A door or portal can symbolize a change, an opportunity. The author used this motif to show how all people need to want change at some point in their lives, even if they are not marterial changes.

What is an example of understatement in these lines?

Common Understatement Examples “Deserts are sometimes hot, dry, and sandy.” – Describing deserts of the world. “He is not too thin.” – Describing an obese person. “It rained a bit more than usual.” – Describing an area being flooded by heavy rainfall.

Why does Sergei Goralick dislike strangers banging on his door?

Why does Sergei Goralick dislike “strangers banging on his door”? It brings back bad memories of life in Russia. Which sentence signals a plot twist about halfway through the story? “‘No reason to take him to the hospital anyway,’ says the goldfish.”

What of this goldfish would you wish flash forward?

In “What, of This Goldfish, Would You Wish?”, the last section of the story is a flash forward. Readers must infer what happens in the intervening time between Sergei’s conversation with the fish and Yoni’s final report on his video.

What does Sergei give up when he uses his last wish?

Q. What did Sergei give up when he used his last wish? doesn’t want to set the goldfish free. thinks there is something he’ll want more in the future.

Why does Yonatan come to Sergei’s door?

Answer: Yonatan went to Sergei’s house to film him for his documentary. He expected Sergei to talk to him and let him film that conversation.

Why does Sergei save his third wish for so long?

In respect to this, why does Sergei save his third wish for so long? Answer: he didnt want the fish to go away. Explanation: he was lonely, he had no friends and no one to talk to, except the fish. The dialogue between sergei and the goldfish reveals about their relationship that they were very close friends.