How many votes did Texas get in 1900?

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How many votes did Texas get in 1900?


1900 United States presidential election in Texas
Party Votes
Social Democratic 1,846
Socialist Labor 162
Totals 423,706

Who did Texas vote for in 1988?

Incumbent Vice President George H. W. Bush won his home state against Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis. Bush ran with Indiana Senator Dan Quayle as Vice President, and Dukakis ran with Texas Senator Lloyd Bentsen. Texas voted for Bush by a solid 12.6% margin.

How did Texas vote 1964?

The Democratic Party candidate, incumbent President Lyndon B. Johnson, comfortably won his home state of Texas with 63.32% of the vote against the Republican Party candidate, Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona, who won 36.5%, giving him the state’s 25 electoral votes and a victory margin of 26.8 percentage points.

Who won presidency in 1964?

It was held on Tuesday, November 3, 1964. Incumbent Democratic United States President Lyndon B. Johnson defeated Barry Goldwater, the Republican nominee. With 61.1% of the popular vote, Johnson won the largest share of the popular vote of any candidate since the largely uncontested 1820 election.

Who was elected president in 1964?

Next he urged the Nation “to build a great society, a place where the meaning of man’s life matches the marvels of man’s labor.” In 1964, Johnson won the Presidency with 61 percent of the vote and had the widest popular margin in American history–more than 15,000,000 votes.

How are voter records in Texas made public?

Voter Records are considered public records available under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Texas laws determine access to Voting Records, including the ability for citizens to request that certain Texas Voter Records be kept private for confidentiality concerns.

How many electoral votes does Texas have for President?

No state had a larger numeric increase in the past decade. The state’s 40 electoral votes are second only to California’s 54. This large electoral prize, coupled with shifting demographics, will likely make Texas a major battleground in upcoming presidential elections.

When did Texas secede from the United States?

Texas seceded from the Union in 1861 and was not included in the 1864 or 1868 elections. From 1872 through 1976, Texas went Democratic in the vast majority of elections.

When do mail ballots have to be postmarked in Texas?

Mail ballots must be postmarked by Nov. 3 and received by Nov. 4. Mail ballot processing starts weeks before Election Day. There are no seats up for election. Texas’s median household income falls in the middle of the pack. Texas has an middling number of people with four-year college degrees.

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