Who is the girl covered in oil in Quantum of Solace?

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Who is the girl covered in oil in Quantum of Solace?

Gemma Arterton
Strawberry Fields was a fictional intelligence operative working for the British Secret Service and affiliated to the British consulate in Bolivia. The character was the secondary Bond girl in the 2008 James Bond film, Quantum of Solace, and was portrayed by British actress, Gemma Arterton.

Where was the opening scene of Quantum of Solace filmed?

Lake Garda
It was filmed at the intersection of Via IV Novembre SS45bis with Via Benaco SP38 at Lake Garda, near Tremosine. Aston Martin DBS and black Alfa Romeo 159 drove through two short tunnels. That scene was filmed nearly 300 km south from Lake Garda on Via dei Colli, near passo del Vestito, not far from Carrara.

Why was strawberry fields covered in oil?

The actress’ new Quantum of Solace Bond girl character, Agent Fields, is drowned in oil by the film’s villains – and then dumped on the bed she shared with the suave superspy the night before. Arterton had to be covered from head to toe in oil for the death scene – and then she lay there for two hours, covered in gunk.

Who was killed with oil in Quantum of Solace?

In the new 007 movie Quantum Of Solace, Gemma Arterton’s character is drowned in crude oil and her lifeless body is left draped over a bed in a scene deliberately reminiscent of the 1964 Bond classic Goldfinger.

Why was Fields killed in Quantum of Solace?

Strawberry Fields (Quantum Of Solace) She was tasked to stop Bond when he went against orders and tried to stop the Bolivian based villain, Dominic Greene. She was killed by the Greene’s henchmen who targeted her and followed her back to her hotel room. They then drowned her in crude oil in an effort to misdirect MI6.

What hotel was used in Quantum of Solace?

Perla de las Dunas
It was also a key location in “Quantum of Solace.” In the film, the hotel is called “Perla de las Dunas” (Pearl of the Dunes), and it is destroyed during a struggle between Agent 007 and villain Dominic Greene.

What countries was Quantum of Solace filmed in?

Location filming took place in Mexico, Panama, Chile, Italy, Austria and Wales, while interior sets were built and filmed at Pinewood Studios.

What happened to Mathis in Quantum of Solace?

Quantum of Solace Mathis dying in Bond’s arms. Mathis, now retired in Italy, has been cleared by MI6 for his involvement with Le Chiffre and MI6 bought him a villa as compensation. Bond convinced him to help him track down Dominic Greene in Bolivia. Bond killed the officers and cradled Mathis as he died.

Does Bond ever sleep with Moneypenny?

Naomie Harris’ hypothesis has a lot of history on its side, as James Bond has always flirted with Moneypenny, but never consummated that flirtation.

Did Vesper really love James?

Vesper Lynd was a fictional HM Treasury liaison officier and love interest of James Bond. The official adaptation of the literary character who first appeared in Ian Fleming’s 1953 novel, Casino Royale, the Bond girl appeared in the 2006 James Bond film of the same name, portrayed by French actress Eva Green.

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