What is Novik stacked stone made of?

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What is Novik stacked stone made of?

Carrara marble
Novik has created a dry stack stone that is inspired by the natural beauty, authentic color and rich look of Carrara marble.

Is Novik stone vinyl?

Novik16 in. x 5.88 in. Dry Stacked Stone Corner Vinyl Siding in Brownstone (5-Case)

Is there siding that looks like stone?

It’s Vinyl Siding That Looks Like Real Stone.

Do faux stone panels look real?

One of the best things about faux stone veneer panels is that, from a distance, they often can visually pass for real stone. At the very least, faux stone looks no less like a natural stone than does manufactured veneer stone. Bargain faux veneer panels sometimes look decidedly fake.

Who makes Novik siding?

NovikStone, the leader in Stone Siding, and NovikShake products are available for purchase from retailers throughout the United States and Canada. Novik is a rapidly growing company, and we are adding new locations frequently.

Who owns Novik siding?

Derby Building Products Inc.
Derby Building Products Inc., Parent Company of Tando and Novik Brands, Names Toby Bostwick as Director of Product Development. Derby Building Products Inc.

What kind of wood paneling does Novik use?

Novik’s Carrara Collection highlights a fresh, new color palette and is designed to offer attainable luxury for every homeowner. Novik’s Stacked Stone panel faithfully renders the natural and hand-laid look of stacked stone masonry at a fraction of the cost.

Which is the best dry stack stone Novik?

The Novik Dry Stack Stone is lightweight, easy to install and provides intricate detail of precision-laid dry stack stone; delivering an unprecedented look and feel of a dry stack wall. Available in a variety of stunning colors and textures, NovikStone DS was created to give attainable luxury to every homeowner.

What kind of stone does Novik siding use?

And while NovikStone’s Artisan Cut is a perfect complement to other types of siding, it will look stunning on any home or any project. Novik’s Dry Stack Stone offers the intricate detail of precision-laid dry stack stone, creating a modern look for countless applications.

How big is a Novik stone DS panel?

The NovikStone DS panel is 41.5 in. L x 13.13 in. H (105.41 cm L x 33.34 cm H), a box contains 10-panels and covers approximately 25 sq. ft. Suggested NovikTrim and NovikLedge color to match this product: Gray Black Blend. Requires Hub? 25 sqft/box. ~$150/case.

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