What is the biggest mule deer ever recorded?

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What is the biggest mule deer ever recorded?

Cheeney’s buck scored 205 6/8″, topping the previous typical mule deer world record at 205 0/8″.

What is the biggest mule deer ever killed?

The Broder Buck: The World Record Non-Typical Mule Deer

  • 361 6/8 Inches. Net Score:
  • 355 2/8 Inches. Scoreable Points:
  • 22 1/8 Inches (Inside) Mass:

How many mule deer are in Nevada?

92,000 mule deer
Nevada’s mule deer populations have been stable the past several years. The 2018 population is estimated at about 92,000 mule deer.

How much did sleepy the mule deer score?

The buck has been officially scored by a panel of three Pope and Young scorers to the tune of 288 inches – more than thirteen inches greater than Kenneth Plank’s world record.

Are mule deer bigger than whitetail?

Body Size. While it’s hard to determine size and weight in the field, in Colorado, mule deer tend to be a bit bigger and weigh in a little heavier than white-tailed deer. The mule deer stands three to three and a half feet tall at the shoulder, with bucks weighing 125-250 pounds.

What state has largest deer population?

According to a 2015 deer population estimate by North American Whitetail magazine, here are the states with the largest deer populations:

  • Texas: Estimated population of 4 million.
  • Alabama: Estimated population of 1.8 million.
  • Mississippi: Estimated population of 1.8 million.
  • Missouri: Estimated population of 1.3 million.

Are mule deer native to Nevada?

In the early 1900s, mule deer were imported to Nevada by railroad and turned loose in eastern Nevada to serve as meat for mining camps. Deer hunting was probably a motive, too. While bighorn sheep are the “Apple of their Eye”, mule deer are the “meat and potatoes” of Nevada’s ungulate species.

Where do mule deer like to bed down?

Mule Deer tend to bed down in a cool, secluded places in the middle of the day. They are most active in mornings, evenings and moonlit nights, enabling them to conserve water and keep body temperatures down in desert environments.

What does a trophy mule deer score?

Scores above 145 points would indicate a trophy mule deer buck. The Pope and Young Club accepts typical scores greater than 145 points and non-typical scores greater than 170 points. The Long Hunters accepts typical scores greater than 146 points and non-typical scores greater than 175 points.

Where did Cheeney shoot the mule deer in Nevada?

Cheeney shot the monster buck on Aug. 13, 2016 while hunting with his son, Aaron, in southeastern Nevada. Luck was on his side as they stalked through the dusty sagebrush, trying to edge closer to a group of bucks bedded down.

What are the threats to mule deer in Nevada?

Management & Conservation: The biggest threat to Mule Deer is loss of habitat due to drought, fire, habitat fragmentation, lower quality habitat, and other factors. Drought causes malnutrition and lower reproduction throughout deer range. Loss of winter range to housing development or losses due to disease are also common.

Who are the members of the Nevada wildlife record book?

George Tsukamoto re-joined the Nevada Wildlife Record Book Committee in 2010 after an absence of 15 years. He was one of the founding members of the committee. George is a retired Wildlife biologist for the Nevada Department of Wildlife, having worked in all three administrative regions of the State.

What kind of deer live in northern Nevada?

Nevada Department of Wildlife. Mule Deer. Description: The Mule Deer has large ears (like those of a mule) and tan to reddish brown fur in summer, grayish brown in winter with a white rump patch and a narrow black-tipped tail.

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