How do I block websites on Forefront TMG 2010?

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How do I block websites on Forefront TMG 2010?

Procedure to block a list of websites:

  1. Open TMG Management.
  2. Select “Firewall Policy”
  3. Open in “Toolbox” (right in your screen) URL Sets.
  4. Select “New URL Set” and add your websites.
  5. Create a rule with “Deny” condition, from your internal lan (for example) to these URL Set.

How do I bypass TMG proxy server?

Right-click the required internal or perimeter network, and then click Properties. On the Web Browser tab, do one of the following: Select Bypass proxy for Web servers in this network to specify that Web proxy clients should bypass the Web proxy filter for Web servers located in the client network.

How do I allow a website in TMG 2010?

Use the following steps to configure global URL Filtering in TMG:

  1. In the Forefront TMG Management console, in the tree, click Web Access Policy.
  2. In the right pane, click Configure URL Filtering.
  3. In the URL Filtering Settings dialog box, ensure Enable URL Filtering is selected on the General tab.

How does TMG allow or block access to web sites?

From TMG 2010, we can create access rule to allow or block access to Web sites based on URL categorization in the URL filtering database. When a request to access a Web site is received, TMG queries MRS to determine the categorization of the Web sites.

How to change proxy settings in Microsoft TMG?

I am currently in the process of switching from Sophos UTM from Microsoft TMG but I am having a few issues switching my clients over to use the new internet proxy settings, After a reboot the client picks up the old proxy settings. The group policy result command shows that the GP is skipped by security filtering.

How does URL filtering work in TMG 2010?

If the Web site has been categorized as a blocked URL category set, TMG blocks the request and user gets a denial notification that includes the denied request category. URL Filtering requires that you make choices for TMG globally and on a per-rule basis.

How can I check if TMG is connected to SharePoint?

In the Properties dialog box, click the Test Rule button. TMG runs a series of tests to check for connectivity to the SharePoint site and displays the results of the tests in a list. Click each configuration test for a description of the test and its results.

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