Is IMS Noida good for BBA?

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Is IMS Noida good for BBA?

Ims Noida is a good institution for bba and bca , placement is good. It’s been a good experience so far and like every other institution it has its pro and cons. Great Faculty:- The faculty for BBA is awesome, everyone has a great knowledge with their respective fields and are also very helpful and friendly.

Which place is best for BBA?

Top Recruiters for BBA Students

Colleges Placement Ratings (Based on Reviews)
Loyola College, Chennai 4.4
SSCBS, Delhi 4.3
Christ University, Bengaluru 4.2
NMIMS Anil Surendra Modi School of Commerce, Mumbai 3.9

Which country is best for BBA for Indian students?

BBA Abroad is a 3 year full time degree program pursued by Indian students from an International University like USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc….BBA Abroad: Cost.

Countries Average Cost (INR)
UK 25,00,000
Canada 40,00,000
Australia 20,00,000
Germany 17,00,000

Is IMS Noida good for law?

IMS Law College is good in placements and faculty, but the infrastructure is not good. Placements: The placement cell of IMS Law College is good in comparison to other law colleges in Noida. The students, who do their best in university exams can get placed or get a job at IMS campus.

Is IMS Noida a good college?

IMS Noida is one of the best colleges in NCR for pursuing management studies. It also offers BBA as well as MBA course.

Which country has lowest fees for BBA?

Norway. Norway is known for its high-quality education, living standard, and stunning natural beauty.

  • Germany.
  • Switzerland.
  • Denmark.
  • Belgium.
  • Italy.
  • Spain.
  • Poland.
  • Can I get direct admission for BBA?

    As the phrase says, it is direct admission. There are different admission procedures for taking BBA admission, like direct admission, entrance exams, interviews, etc. Most people think that direct admission in BBA is very costly or is not a legal procedure. But in actuality, it is a 100% genuine procedure.

    Is IMS Law College good?

    Faculty and Academics at IMS Law College- The college boasts a very good and skilled teaching faculty who have immense knowledge and experience in various subjects,hence they prove to be very helpful and beneficial for a student’s academic performance by playing an important role.

    How many colleges offer BBA degree in Noida?

    Different colleges offer the course in different modes. The city provides over 22 colleges offering a BBA degree program.

    Which is the best BBA College in Delhi NCR?

    BBA colleges in India | BBA colleges in Delhi NCR| SCMS NOIDA SCMS NOIDA is one of the best BBA college in Delhi NCR, India. It offers BBA in Marketing, Finance, Business Analytics, HR and International Business. Caution Notice

    How much is BBA in IMS Noida?

    The total fees for Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in IMS Noida is INR 2.85 lakh. On an average, almost all the students get a job for those who want to.

    What kind of Education does symbiosis Noida offer?

    Symbiosis NOIDA is known for its endeavor in providing quality management education through innovative teaching practices like flipped learning, experiential learning and application based learning.

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