How do you win the Fort Condor in ff7?

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How do you win the Fort Condor in ff7?

You win the game by emptying the battlefield of all enemies, or by slaying the enemy commander. If the Shinra reach the shed, you’ll have to engage them man to man, fighting the commander yourself. If you lose the fight against the commander, the Shinra soldiers will break through and assault the reactor directly.

Can you miss Fort Condor battles?

The player can return to Fort Condor after progressing through the story to engage in battles. If the player does not return within a certain window, then the battle will be missed and the player will be informed when they next speak to the lookout.

What do you get for beating Fort Condor?

Defeating the Fort Condor Grandmaster, Chadley, will earn you 10,000 Gil and AP Up Materia.

How do you beat grandmaster Fort Condor hard?

How to Beat Fort Condor on Hard Mode

  1. You must take out enemy Headquarters to win in Hard Mode.
  2. Pressing ahead quickly is vital.
  3. Tanky units like Armored Shock Trooper and Blast-Ray are very useful.

What should I spend my Condor coins on?

These coins can be spent at Old Snapper to purchase new units that aren’t given out by other players. His stock seems to increase whenever you achieve a new rank of players, so make sure to visit him whenever Yuffie unlocks new opponents.

Is Fort Condor optional?

Mastering Fort Condor is a “Discovery” or optional side quest in the FF7 Remake INTERmission Yuffie DLC.

How do I get the huge materia from Fort Condor?

Boss Battle: CMD. Take the doorway outside of the Watch Room which leads up to the “top of the mountain”. Pick up the Phoenix Materia lying on the ground. Speak to the old man at the table inside the mountain again to pick up the Huge Materia.

Is Fort Condor harder on hard mode?

Now, I’ve tried every strategy you can imagine to defeat Grandmaster Chadley in a fair fight…and sadly, this is the only real way to guarantee a win. It also saves you oodles of time as Fort Condor in hard mode is much more difficult than normal, which was mostly just an entertaining challenge.

How old is yuffie ff7 remake?

So despite Yuffie being 16 in the original, one can presume that Yuffie in Final Fantasy 7 Remake INTERmission, like many of the original cast, is 16 just as before.

How old is yuffie FF7 remake?

Where can I spend Condor coins?

How to Use Condor Coins. Condor Coins are pretty similar to the Moogle Medals from the base game in that they can only be used with certain vendors. With these coins, you can spend them by talking to the Happy Turtle NPC located in the Sector 7 slums.

How do you get the 4 huge materia?

A Huge Materia is won after the strategy minigame in Fort Condor. If the player fails the minigame, they will face the boss in a normal battle. If they lose to the boss, Fort Condor is defeated and the Huge Materia is lost.

Where does Condor War take place in Final Fantasy VII?

Condor War, also known as Simulation Battle (シミュレーションバトル, Shimyurēshon Batoru?), is a basic real-time strategy minigame in Final Fantasy VII that takes place upon the mountain of Fort Condor. The minigame must be played once in a main quest, but the player may play it a finite number of times throughout the game in a sidequest.

Where to play the battle at Fort Condor?

The battle at Fort Condor is a mini-game that you can play at Fort Condor at a number of different points in the game. The rewards change each time you successfully complete the mini-game.

What happens at the end of Fort Condor?

If they fail to stop enemies from reaching the shed, and lose the subsequent boss battle, the game does not end, but the player is ejected from the fort and loses the Huge Materia, being unable to return as the rope to climb up is be missing. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade has a new version of the Condor War minigame.

Is there a new version of Fort Condor?

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade has a new version of the Condor War minigame. Concept art of the reactor and the condor. Fort Condor originally had a mechanic where the player had a limited number of losses they could sustain before the fort falls.

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