Which is better AP1 or AP2 S2000?

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Which is better AP1 or AP2 S2000?

The AP1 is best known for having the highest red line of 9000rpm. This red line, to me, is the purest form of the car. The second version, AP2 v1, increased the engine size by . 2 which caused torque to increase by HP to slightly decrease.

Why is the Honda S2000 so good?

The first and most significant reason is its engine. In fact, it’s more like 9,000 reasons why you want an S2000. Its four-cylinder 16-valve VTEC-equipped engine, called the F20C, revs all the way to 9,000rpm, granting the humble roadster entry into an exclusive group, mostly comprised of supercars.

Why are s2000s so expensive?

They were a tad expensive when new so they did not sell well due to most enthusiast not being able to afford it. When they were discontinued due to low sales, the used car market shot up because of supply and demand.

Why are Honda S2000 so expensive Reddit?

It’s a niche collectible item with limited supply, but also deteriorates with age. Also prices largely due to extreme monetary inflation and under supply of new cars from Covid. I wouldn’t count the s2000 as an “investment” (for hording), even though it has minimal depreciation.

What kind of car is the Honda S2000?

The Legendary Honda S2000: Reliability Test. One of the best Honda cars produced is the S2000, it is a 2 door open-topped sports car which was manufactured in 1999 and the production ended by the end of 2009. This ride was produced in two versions AP1 and AP2. This is a front-drive unit with its engine in the front.

What’s the difference between a S2000 and s2ki?

Unlike the early cars, however, the ’02-’03’s have revised suspension settings, a glass rear window with defrost, a revised engine control unit, various leather interior bits, and a better stereo with separate tweeters. And unlike the later cars, these will still rev to 9,000 rpm.

What’s the difference between a S2000 and a CR?

What you get is a lighter car with aero upgrades that reduce lift by 70%, a stiffer suspension, bigger tires, and faster steering. Tipping the scales at 90 pounds less than a regular S2000, the CR was an admirable performer and makes a nice little collector’s item today.

Where is the driveline on a Honda S2000?

The roadster is built around what Honda called the High X-Bone Monocoque frame, which provided outstanding torsional rigidity and an advantageous 50:50 weight distribution. The driveline is located behind the centerline of the front suspension, making this a front/mid-engine layout.

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