What happened Ruby Keeler?

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What happened Ruby Keeler?

Ruby Keeler, the innocent-faced tap-dancing sweetheart of nine Warner Brothers musicals in the 1930’s, died yesterday morning at her home in Palm Springs, Calif. She was 82 years old. The cause of death was cancer, said her daughter Kathleen Lowe.

Who is Ruby Keeler married to?

John Homer Lowem. 1941–1969
Al Jolsonm. 1928–1940
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Miss Keeler withdrew totally from the limelight. She married Pasadena real estate broker John Lowe Jr. in October, 1941, and went into semi-retirement. She often said her life “really began” when she met Lowe and that their 28 years of marriage were her greatest joy.

What is ruby Keeler known for?

Ethel Ruby Keeler (August 25, 1909 – February 28, 1993) was a Canadian-American actress, dancer, and singer known for her on-screen pairing with Dick Powell in a string of successful early musicals at Warner Bros., particularly 42nd Street (1933).

When was Ruby Keeler born?

August 25, 1910
Ruby Keeler/Date of birth

Where was Ruby Keeler born?

Dartmouth, Canada
Ruby Keeler/Place of birth

Who is the world’s greatest entertainer of all time?

1 Michael Jackson The King of Pop naturally tops the list of the greatest performers of all time. Michael Jackson was not just a legendary singer; he was a phenomenon that stormed the world.

Who is the most famous tap dancer?

Bill ‘Bojangles’ Robinson is remembered as America’s famous tap dancer who evidenced changes in the world of tap dancing, as he first started performing in minstrel shows at the age of 5, then moved to vaudeville shows in 1905.

Who was Ruby Keeler in No Nanette on Broadway?

In 1971, Keeler was acclaimed as a star again in the successful Broadway revival of the 1920s musical No, No, Nanette, opposite Jack Gilford, Bobby Van, Helen Gallagher, and Patsy Kelly.

Who was Ruby Keeler married to and what did they do?

In 1941, she married John Homer Lowe, a businessman, and left show business the same year. Keeler and Lowe had four children. Lowe died in 1969. Keeler had two nephews who also worked in the film business.

Where was Ruby Keeler born and raised in Nova Scotia?

Keeler was born in Dartmouth, Halifax County, Nova Scotia in 1909 to Ralph Hector and Nellie (née Lahey) Keeler, one of six siblings in an Irish Catholic family. Two sisters, Helen and Gertrude, had brief performing careers. Her father was a truck driver.

Who was Ruby Keeler’s brother on the Addams Family?

Vieira’s brother, Ken Weatherwax, played Pugsley Addams on the 1960s TV series The Addams Family. Ruby’s son John Lowe had a career as a Broadway stage manager for a number of productions beginning with No, No, Nanette in 1970. Keeler was a Catholic.

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