Is Nautilus good lol?

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Is Nautilus good lol?

Nautilus is a strong, early-game support that transitions well into the late game, with his strong zoning and CC abilities. There are rarely any matchups that he cannot be played into, and the pressure he exerts is second to none. He is currently a tier 1 support, and is a great blind pick.

Who beats Nautilus?

Nautilus Counter Pick The strongest counter would be Blitzcrank, a easy to play champion who currently has a Win Rate of 51.68% (Good) and Play Rate of 5.49% (High). League of Legends most often picked champions vs Nautilus, this is often heavily influenced by champion popularity.

Can Nautilus still jungle?

Nautilus is a Tank/Bruiser that is usually played support but he can also play Jungle, and top pretty good. He is a fairly easier pick but, that doesn’t matter as if your playing to win and have fun he is a good choice.

Was Nautilus a Jungler?

Riot Games Nautilus will become a LoL jungler again in Season 11. To manage this swap, the LoL dev team are targeting the Titan of the Depth’s damage-dealing Riptide ability. While most of his kit ⁠— including his Q, R, and his passive ⁠— is chock full of crowd-control, his E dishes out AOE damage.

Does Nautilus do damage?

Nautilus General information If it comes in contact with an enemy, Nautilus drags the anchor towards him, along with the unit that he hit. Nautilus dashes forward as well. This ability does magic damage and roots the target for a brief duration.

Who does Swain synergize with?

These are champions who work well with Swain when present anywhere in the game. 57% of teammates in matches synergize well with Swain….

Champion Win Rate Plays
Xerath 57.7% 26
Lux 57.5% 87
Nautilus 57% 107

Was Nautilus meant to be a Jungler?

Nautilus has never been primarily a jungler. Riot has buffed him to try to force him to be a jungler, but in general he has been better top when that happened. If you enjoy it though you can still play it of course, you don’t need a guide to do it.

Is Naut jungle viable?

Nautilus jungle is very good and very viable.

Is Nautilus a tank?

He is usually built as a full tank.

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