How do I get a desk copy from Pearson?

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How do I get a desk copy from Pearson?

In the U.S., call Pearson School Customer Service at 800-848-9500 to request an exam copy or make a purchase. In Canada, use this online form to submit your exam copy request.

How can I get desk copies of textbooks?

2.1. A “desk copy” is a complimentary copy of a textbook that a faculty member has selected for use in a class. The department or faculty member arranges for the delivery of these books by directly contacting the publisher or publisher’s representative.

What is the difference between a desk copy and an exam copy?

Examination copies are for instructors who are considering ASCD books for course adoption. Desk copies are for instructors who have already adopted one or more ASCD books as required reading for a course. The examination copy of a book will also serve as a desk copy if the book is adopted for the course.

What is instructor’s review copy of a textbook?

Usually those are sent by the publishers to course instructors for them to see if the book is one they’d like to use for their classes. The instructors receive them free, but the content is the same.

Where can I download Pearson books for free?

Where i can download ebooks for free?

  • Project Gutenberg.
  • Open Library.
  • Google eBookstore.
  • Amazon Free Kindle Books.
  • Internet Archive.
  • ManyBooks.
  • BookBoon.
  • LibGen/Library Genesis.

What is an exam copy?

Examination copies are available to college professors or instructors seeking titles to review for course adoption consideration. Exam copies will be fulfilled via eBook whenever possible within three business days, providing one-year access to the title.

What is a desk exam copy?

Desk copies are for instructors who have adopted the book for a class and meet our desk copy requirements. Examination copies are for instructors who are considering using a text but have not adopted it.

Do professors get free textbooks?

Most publishers supply free copies of textbooks to instructors who are requiring the text for their class. Either the instructor or the Department must request the book from the publisher. Please attempt to order an instructor’s copy from the publisher before requesting a library copy.

What are Instructor Edition Textbooks?

Instructor’s editions are special versions of a textbook that was once given to a professor for free. These editions also feature the exact information as US student editions. Annotated editions are special instructor’s editions that feature the same content, but may have additional information or notes for teachers.

Can I download my Pearson eText?

Select the eText labeled “Downloadable.” In the eText, click on the Navigation Menu and select “Downloads for Offline Use.” Select the Unit you want. It will load. Do not close out or click Done so that you can go back to Pearson eTexts app and access for offline use.

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