What is Mazoe Orange Crush?

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What is Mazoe Orange Crush?

Mazoe Orange Crush is a renowned and loved juice-containing cordial which is an integral part of the Zimbabwean community. For over 70 years, Mazoe has been trusted by generations of mothers to give their families the best in healthy refreshment.

Where is Mazoe Orange Crush made?

Mazoe Orange Crush is a popular juice drink of Zimbabwean origin which is manufactured by Schweppes Zimbabwe. The brand was founded by Arthur Sturgess in Bulawayo in 1930….Mazoe Orange Crush.

Type Juice
Country of origin Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Introduced 1930
Colour Orange
Flavour Orange

When was Mazoe made?

The construction of the Mazoe Dam commenced in November 1918, and was completed in February 1920. The dam is of the type known as an “arched dam” with the convex face upstream.

What percentage is Mazoe Orange Crush?

Mazoe Orange Crush is a homegrown cordial that has been trusted by generations of mothers to give real refreshment for their families. Every bottle of Mazoe Orange Crush is packed with 50% orange juice to give it that authentic, tangy orange taste that only Mazoe is renowned for.

Is there Coca Cola in Zimbabwe?

With three bottling partners, Delta Beverages, Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited and Mutare Bottling Company, Coca-Cola employs over 3,000 people in Zimbabwe and supports over 56,000 others across the supply chain.

Who owns Delta Zimbabwe?

Delta is 36 percent owned by SABMiller and 28 percent held by Old Mutual.

Who owns Mutare Bottling Company?

Since 2007, MBC is owned 69 percent by Econet Wireless Zimbabwe through Pentamed Investments, including a 6 percent shareholding in the form of convertible instruments. The remainder is owned by the Goldberg family. MBC holds the Coca-Cola franchise for the Manicaland region.

What does Delta Corp do?

Delta Corp Ltd. Delta Corp Limited (“Delta Corp”) is the only listed company engaged in the casino (live, electronic and online) gaming industry in India. We, along with our Subsidiaries, currently own and operate casinos in India, in the states of Goa and Sikkim, offering approximately 1,800 gaming positions.

Is Delta Corporation a multinational company?

The Delta Corporation is a beer and soft drink company of Zimbabwe. The company is headquartered in Harare and is listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and its stock index, the Zimbabwe Industrial Index….Delta Corporation.

Type Public company
Products Beer, soft drinks
Website http://www.delta.co.zw/

Who is owner of Delta Corp?

Jaydev Mody
Delta Corp Limited

Type Public
Founded 1985; 35 years ago
Area served Worldwide
Key people Jaydev Mody (chairman)
Revenue ₹90,000 million (US$1.3 billion) (March 2021)

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Who owns casino in Goa?

The Casino Goa is a live casino located offshore in Panaji in Goa. The casino is located on a yacht, the M.V. Caravela, anchored in the River Mandovi. The casino vessel worth is 110 million Rupees and is owned by the Advani Pleasure Cruise Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Delta Corp and Casinos Austria.

How did Mazoe Orange Crush get its name?

As he continued with his research he struggled to come up with a name for the drink he had developed, his wife suggested naming the drink Mazoe, and thus a national treasure was born. Mazoe Orange Crush, is a product of The Coca-Cola Company which is produced under franchise by Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited.

Which is the best Orange Crush brand in Zimbabwe?

Mazoe has since 2011 to date been recognised as one the top 10 super brands in national and overall Superbrand categories by The Marketers Association of Zimbabwe in the Annual Superbrand Awards.

What are the different types of Mazoe syrups?

Over time, the range of products offered under brand Mazoe has grown to include; Mazoe Orange Light which offers the same great taste in a non-sugar variant for consumers following a managed- calorie lifestyle. Other variants include Blackberry, Raspberry, Cream Soda and Peach, a rainbow range of Mazoe Syrups bursting with flavour.

What kind of drinks can you make with Mazoe?

It is great as a mixer for cocktails, fruit juice punches and an ingredient for fruit smoothies. Mazoe gives more value or money with a dilution ratio of one part Mazoe to four parts of still or sparkling water. It is available in affordable 1 litre and 2 litre packs as well as a “light” variant for those on a managed calorie diet.

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