Who were the male dancers in white Christmas?

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Who were the male dancers in white Christmas?

Fresno, California, U.S. Santa Monica, California, U.S. John F. Brascia (May 11, 1932 – February 19, 2013) was an American actor and dancer, best known for his dancing partnerships on film with Vera-Ellen in White Christmas (1954) and with Cyd Charisse and Liliane Montevecchi in Meet Me in Las Vegas (1956).

Who’s the lead male dancer in white Christmas?

Michael Palumbo He was 80. The California native made his Broadway debut performing in the musical version of the film “Nothing Sacred.” After winning the Outer Circle Award and impressing the production’s choreographer Robert Alton, Brascia was cast as the lead dancer in the film “White Christmas” in 1954.

Who danced with Vera Miles in white Christmas?

Although Vera-Ellen only made 14 films, she was paired with all the famous Hollywood dancers of her day: Fred Astaire (Three Little Words; The Belle of New York); Gene Kelly (On the Town); Donald O’Connor (Call Me Madam); and Danny Kaye (White Christmas and others).

How old was Vera in White Christmas?

When the film came out, Rosemary was 26, and Vera-Ellen, 33. Even more striking? Bing, who plays her love interest, was 51 when the movie debuted. That’s a 25-year-age gap! (It’s also funny to note that Dean Jagger, who played the retired, elderly general was actually born a few months after Crosby.)

Is White Christmas colorized?

Principal photography took place between September and December 1953. The film was the first to be shot using Paramount’s new VistaVision process, with color by Technicolor, and was one of the first to feature the Perspecta directional sound system at limited engagements.

Who did costumes for White Christmas?

designer Edith Head
For White Christmas, that wardrobe was provided by legendary costume designer Edith Head. Head was a dynamo in Hollywood from the late 1940s through the mid 1970s.

Who is the choreographer in White Christmas?

Bob Fosse
Later, Clooney released White Christmas songs on Columbia. Bob Fosse was the uncredited choreographer for the movie, before moving on to strut his stuff in shows like Cabaret, Chicago, and All that Jazz. Vera-Ellen wasn’t much of a singer, but she was an incredible dancer.

Why did Vera-Ellen always wear high necklines?

Vera-Ellen was an extremely thin woman for much of her adult life. A Hollywood rumor that her neck was always covered during the filming of White Christmas because of wrinkling caused by supposed anorexia persists to this day.

Why does Vera-Ellen always wear high necks?

Vera-Ellen became alarmingly thin in her thirties. Many people have asked why Vera-Ellen always covers her neck in “White Christmas” – it is assumed that her neck is where she started to visibly age. She also had a daughter, Victoria Ellen Rothschild, who died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Where did they film White Christmas?

White Christmas filming locations were shot at a sound-stage in Paramount Studios, California. The town, Columbia Inn, or the Pine Tree are not real places and all have been shot in the studio. These places have become very pivotal and the families often visit the locations on Christmas.

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