How do I access my WD My Cloud Mirror?

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How do I access my WD My Cloud Mirror?

Access Your Content

  1. Make sure that: You installed the WD My Cloud mobile app.
  2. Launch the WD My Cloud mobile app.
  3. Make sure the My Passport Wireless drive (default name: MyPassport) is listed as an available device.
  4. Navigate to your content and tap to view or play.

How does my cloud mirror work?

WD’s My Cloud Mirror solves that problem by putting a second drive in the same enclosure, and configuring the drives as RAID 1. All the same data is written to both drives, so that if one drive fails, you can recover everything from the other.

Is WD My Cloud discontinued?

WD My Cloud Personal Cloud Storage – 2TB – (Discontinued) Finally, a cloud of their own – Give your customers a complete solution to save everything in one place and access it anywhere from their computers, tablets and smartphones.

How do I connect my cloud to my network?

Connect your My Cloud Home

  1. Place the WD My Cloud Home near your router.
  2. Connect the power adapter to the My Cloud Home and to a free power outlet.
  3. Connect the network cable to your WD My Cloud Home and your router or modem.
  4. Wait until the white light comes on.

Can I connect WD My Cloud directly to PC?

see less To summarize all the debate below: you CAN connect the My Cloud directly to your computer via Ethernet ONLY. You CANNOT use the USB port; the My Cloud is an intelligent network device, not a dumb* USB drive. As an intelligent network device, it can support additional drives of its own.

How do I access My Cloud on my local network?

  1. Power up the My Cloud device.
  2. Connect the My Cloud device to a router.
  3. Go to
  4. Select the My Cloud device you wish to setup to access the device’s web configuration dashboard.
  5. Setup your administrator username & password for local account access.

How do I connect my WD My Cloud to my network?

Is MyCloud a NAS?

WD My Cloud Home setup, usage and features. The Ethernet port is just about the only thing that the WD My Cloud Home has in common with its predecessor, the WD My Cloud. This is not a traditional NAS device, in that it doesn’t work like a server that sits on your network.

What is a My Cloud Mirror?

The WD My Cloud Mirror is a personal dual-drive (2-bay) NAS designed specifically for mainstream consumers looking for data protection with the ability to access content anywhere from computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Can WD My Cloud be hacked?

MyCloud devices make it super easy for customers to access their data remotely, but doing so also exposes them to attacks like last month’s that led to the mass-wipe of MyBook Live devices.

What hard drive is in WD My Cloud?

My Cloud EX2 Ultra comes pre-configured with WD Red hard drives, specifically built for NAS systems to provide improved performance within 24×7 environments. The My Cloud EX2 Ultra is also available in a diskless version, so you can create a custom NAS with compatible hard drives.

Where to Find my Cloud mirror user manual?

If the product exhibits a distinct change in performance, contact WD Customer Support at MY CLOUD MIRROR (GEN 2) CLOUD STORAGE USER MANUAL… Remember to write down the following WD product information, which is used for setup and technical support.

Where can I get Free WD cloud mirror?

Visit for help with the installation of My Cloud Mirror and WD’s free apps for your computers and mobile devices. About the Online Learning Center WD’s online Learning Center provides the latest information, instructions, and software to…

Is the my Cloud mirror compatible with the time machine?

My Cloud Mirror is also compatible with Apple® Time Machine® for Mac® users to keep their content safe and sound. Most of the memorable photos and cherished videos you capture are on your smartphone or tablet.

Who is the administrator for my Cloud mirror?

The Administrator, normally the device owner, is the person in charge of setting up the device. As the My Cloud Mirror device owner, you have a special user account (admin) that provides you with administrator privileges.

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