What does the kukui nut lei represent?

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What does the kukui nut lei represent?

Since Kukui is a source of light, it has come to symbolize enlightenment, knowledge, and learning. For this reason kukui nut lei are often used by educators for conferences, special occasions, or ceremonies.

How much does a kukui nut lei cost?

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What is kukui nut in Hawaiian?

The kukui nut represents protection, peace, enlightenment and light. Kamapua’a, the Hawaiian demi-god of fertility, would be able to take the form of the kukui nut tree before changing back into his half-hog, half-man form. Even those unfamiliar with this tree have probably seen the kukui nuts strung together in leis.

Can girls wear kukui nut leis?

Leis that use the polished kukui nut have long been symbols of protection and peace. Leis made from kukui nuts last a long time, and they look great on both women and men.

What does a black lei mean?

This was not the case in ancient times, however, because only royalty were allowed to wear these lei made of sleek black nuts. It was a way to show the alii’s social status, as well as honor Lono, god of agriculture, peace and fertility.

What are the Hawaiian necklaces called?

Lei, a garland or necklace of flowers given in Hawaii as a token of welcome or farewell. Leis are most commonly made of carnations, kika blossoms, ginger blossoms, jasmine blossoms, or orchids and are usually about 18 inches (46 cm) long. They are bestowed with a kiss as a sign of hospitality.

How do you pronounce lei in Hawaiian?


  1. lei 2 [ ley ] SHOW IPA. / leɪ / PHONETIC RESPELLING. noun. plural of leu.
  2. lei 1 / (leɪ) / noun. (in Hawaii) a garland of flowers, worn around the neck.
  3. lei 2 / (leɪ) / noun. the plural of leu.

Are kukui nuts edible?

Is a Kukui Nut edible? At Hanalei, we only use ingredients that will be perfectly good for you and your body, so you’ll be happy to know that the Kukui Nut is edible when cooked.

What is the symbolism of a Hawaiian lei?

While a few ancient Hawaiian customs have faded from memory, the tradition of lei-giving has managed to subsist and flourish. In the beautiful islands of Hawaii, everyone wears leis. A lei is a common symbol of love, friendship, celebration, honor, or greeting. In other words, it is a symbol of Aloha.

What does a kukui nut Lei symbolize?

Hawaiian Jewelry – Kukui nut and shell leis. We have Kukui nut necklaces perfectly assembled. The Kukui nut leis represent a symbol of peace, protection, and enlightenment. The various nut and shell colors make them very clothing-compatible. Shell jewelry makes for beautiful Hawaiian embellishments that compliment any outfit.

What kind of Lei do people wear in Hawaii?

The white Kukui nuts, are very rare and turn to a deep honey color over time. Ministers, hula dancers and leaders wear these Kukui leis of light in all colors. They were worn by Royalty in the olden days. The Kukui are given in Kahu Alalani‘s Ancient Hawaiian Ceremony and the Kukui bracelets are given in an exchange of vows by the couple to be wed.

What kind of necklace do the Hawaiians wear?

bracelets, anklets and necklaces. To wear a ‘ Kukui ano ano’ or Kukui seed lei, is to wear a lei of light. Kukui were the first prayer beads for the Hawaiian people and are still used today.

What kind of tree is the Hawaiian Kukui?

Hawaiian Kukui Nut Lei. The Kukui is the state tree of Hawaii, also known as the Candlenut tree. In Ancient Hawaii the Kukui oil was used to make light. Wicks where made from the spine of the frond leaf of the coconut palm, the first candles were made of candle nut..

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