Does Akon have 4 wives?

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Does Akon have 4 wives?

“I’m a polygamist,” he told the radio host. “I can afford to have as many wives as I can afford to have. All Africans believe in it. My dad has four wives.”

Does Akon have Ethiopian wife?

Akon’s wife, Rozina Negusei, to invest $12M in Uganda’s entertainment industry.

How many baby mamas does Akon have?

Personal life. Akon claims that he has six children with three women in an interview with Blender, all of whom he has great relationships with.

Is Lady Gaga still with Akon?

R&B star Akon is no longer involved with Lady Gaga’s career after helping to give the singer her big break, revealing he “cashed out” before her fame started to wane.

Who is Akon Ethiopian wife?

Rozina Negussie
Accompanied by his Ethiopian wife, Rozina Negussie, Akon, who flew Ethiopian B787 Dreamliner jetliner, was received by officials of the airline, the African Union and Ethiopian artists.

Does Akon have three wives?

Tomeka Thiam is confirmed as Akon’s wife, while the rest are purported. Nonetheless, nothing is stopping Akon from having wives in Africa as he is a believer in polygamy. In an interview with Blender, Akon confessed to having six children with three women, and one might be from Africa.

Who is the father of Akon?

Mor Thiam

Did Akon signed Lady Gaga?

R&B singer Akon discovered Gaga while she was performing a burlesque show that she created, called “Lady Gaga and the Starlight Revue.” Impressed, Akon signed the performer to his label under the Interscope umbrella, Kon Live.

How did Akon meet Lady Gaga?

Does Akon have 7 wives?

So, how many wives does the singer have? Although there’s never really been a true confirmation of how many “wives” Akon really has, he’s legally married to one woman, and it’s rumored that his former fiancé, model Rachel Ritfield, was supposed to be his fourth “wife.”

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