Does begonia need a lot of water?

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Does begonia need a lot of water?

All it requires is a little sun, a little water, and a lot of love. If soil is dry to the touch, the plant needs water. If it is wet, it has received too much. Too much water can cause root rot and kill the begonia.

How much water do you give begonias?

When planted in flowerbeds, begonias require about an inch of water per week to thrive. One or two light rainfalls per week are usually more than enough to provide that amount. If there is a need to water, water in the early morning.

Can I plant begonias with vegetables?

It is also important to give each plant enough room to grow; vegetables will produce better if they are not so closely packed together. As the tomato plants grow to their usual height the will tower above the begonias and both will seem to be OK with this.

What kind of water do you use for begonias?

The Role of Humidity In drier areas, they will appreciate being misted daily. However, do not use tap water for misting – the high alkalinity of some tap water will cause the leaves of your plant to drop. Instead, use distilled water, which is mineral-free.

Can you overwater begonias?

When your begonia is on the younger side, you’ll want to keep the soil moderately moist for the first couple weeks; however, as with any plant, be wary not to overwater. Once the begonia is more mature, you’ll want to test the soil to see if it’s dry enough before you water again.

What looks good planted with begonias?

Companion Planting and Design Tuberous begonias look great planted in small groups or singly in a container. They also look good planted with cascading annuals, such as alyssum and lobelia. In a shade garden, pair them with hostas and bergenia.

Do begonias like coffee grounds?

A well draining soil mix is a must. Begonias do not like wet feet and will easily drop leaves if they are over watered. Begonias benefit from an acidic soil, which the peat moss gives it. Adding some used coffee grounds to the soil will work wonders for begonias.

Do begonias like to be misted?

While rex begonias and many other houseplants prefer high relative humidities, misting is ineffective unless you’re prepared to mist the plants several times a day. Also, rex begonias are not fond of water on their foliage. When using humidity trays, make sure the pots remain above the water line.

What do Overwatered begonias look like?

Look for the following symptoms and conditions that make it more likely that overwatering is the cause of your begonia drooping; Yellowing leaves, particularly affecting the lower leaves first. Brown leaf tips despite good humidity and soil moisture. Leaves dropping from the plant, often with soggy, limp petioles.

Can begonias take full sun?

Also known as wax begonias, these tender perennials tolerate full sun to part shade. Six to eight hours of sun is acceptable, provided wax begonias get relief from the day’s hottest rays. Morning sun and late-afternoon sun are fine.

What temperature can begonias withstand?

Most begonias respond best to warm, moist conditions. The ideal temperature range is 15 to 26 Celsius though most will tolerate range is 15 to 26 degrees Celsius though most will tolerate temperatures as high as 40C and as low as 5C – some even lower.

How often to water Begonias in pots?

Water your container-grown wax begonias once or twice per week, or when the topmost layer of potting mix feels dry to the touch. Provide water until it comes out of the drainage holes.

Do begonias like Sun?

Begonias in the “Big Series” (Begonia x benariensis Big Series) are slightly less sun tolerant, preferring dappled sunlight throughout the day, though they will grow in full sun. Both these varieties are noteworthy for their tolerance to hot, humid summers.

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