What radio station plays Christmas music in Baltimore?

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What radio station plays Christmas music in Baltimore?

101.9 Lite FM
But for those who like Christmas songs – I mean really, really like them – radio station 101.9 Lite FM has been playing Christmas songs nonstop since Thanksgiving.

What radio station plays Christmas music in Maryland?

Christmas in Maryland Stations

  • WCBC, Cumberland, MD (AM 1270) Dec. 24 4p – Midnight and Dec. 25 Midnight – 8pm,
  • WCEI-FM, Easton, MD (96.7FM) 9p-Midnight Dec. 24 and 12a-8a and 9p-Midnight Dec.
  • WINX-FM, St. Michael’s, MD (94.3FM) Noon to Midnight Dec. 24 and 6am-8pm Dec.
  • WJEJ, Hagerstown, MD (AM 1240)

What radio station plays all Christmas music near me?

103.5 KOST is a radio station based in Los Angeles, California. The station has an adult contemporary format, owned by iHeartMedia. KOST broadcasts Christmas music from November to December each year. The station is one of the most popular in LA and one of the top revenue billing radio stations in the US.

What happened Fran Lane?

A Baltimore native and longtime host of the station’s 7 p.m.-midnight “Love Songs with Fran Lane” show, Lane specialized in playing dedications for her listeners, sent out to special someones all over Baltimore. …

How long is 101.9 Christmas music?

Dubbing itself San Antonio’s Christmas Music Station, KQXT-FM (101.9 on the dial) announced Thursday that the station will play only holiday music, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through Christmas Day, effective immediately.

Is KOST 103.5 AM or FM?

KOST (103.5 FM) is a radio station in Los Angeles, California. Owned by iHeartMedia, it broadcasts an adult contemporary format.

How old is Fran Lane?

The digital clock in the studio reads 11:45 and it’s Friday night, which means it’s time for Fran Lane to entertain her longest-tenured caller, a happily married, 59-year-old Annapolis college professor who goes by The Captain.

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