What are the 5 COBIT principles?

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What are the 5 COBIT principles?

COBIT 5 summarised

  • Principle 1: Meeting stakeholder needs.
  • Principle 2: Covering the enterprise end to end.
  • Principle 3: Applying a single integrated framework.
  • Principle 4: Enabling a holistic approach.
  • Principle 5: Separating governance from management.

What are the COBIT 5 domains?

COBIT 5 defines 37 processes which are grouped in 5 domains….Evaluate, Direct and Monitor (EDM):

  • EDM01 Ensure Governance Framework Setting and Maintenance.
  • EDM02 Ensure Benefits Delivery.
  • EDM03 Ensure Risk Optimization.
  • EDM04 Ensure Resource Optimization.
  • EDM05 Ensure Stakeholder Transparency.

Who uses COBIT 5?

COBIT is used by both government and private sector organizations because it helps in increasing the sensibility of IT processes. Enroll today for the COBIT Certification Course that covers the principles and enablers that form the basis of the COBIT 5 business framework.

What are the seven components of COBIT?

COBIT components include:

  • Framework. Organize and categorize IT governance objectives and good practices by IT domains and processes before associating them with their respective business requirements.
  • Process descriptions.
  • Control objectives.
  • Management guidelines.
  • Maturity models.

What are the four domains that make up COBIT?

COBIT defines IT activities in a generic process model within four domains. These domains are Plan and Organise, Acquire and Implement, Deliver and Support, and Monitor and Evaluate.

How many processes are in Cobit 5?

37 processes
COBIT 5 establishes a total of 37 processes organized in five domains, which in turn are divided into two large areas (see Figure 2): … these enablers, it is important to highlight the process enabler, as it explicates the practices and activities for setting up the characteristics of all the other enablers.

Who is using COBIT?

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