What ballets are on at the Royal Opera House?

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What ballets are on at the Royal Opera House?


  • The Dante Project. 14–30 October 2021.
  • The Magic Flute. 30 September–7 October 2021.
  • Rigoletto. 18 February 2022–29 September 2021.
  • Romeo and Juliet. 5 October 2021–25 February 2022.
  • La traviata. 27 October 2021–18 April 2022.
  • L’Heure exquise. 15–23 October 2021.
  • Pride of the ROH.
  • World Ballet Day 2021.

Why is The Royal Ballet so prestigious?

The Royal Ballet was one of the foremost ballet companies of the 20th century, and continues to be one of the world’s most famous ballet companies to this day, generally noted for its artistic and creative values.

Who owns The Royal Ballet?

One of the world’s greatest ballet companies Under the directorship of Kevin O’Hare, the Company unites tradition and innovation in world-class performances at our Covent Garden home.

What is The Royal Ballet style?

This is an English style of classical ballet, rooted in tradition and passed down by successive teaching staff and guest teachers sourced from our alumni. Our system of training is based on the legacy which Ninette de Valois inherited from her own teachers: Espinosa, Cecchetti, Legat and Preobrajenska.

How much do Royal Ballet dancers earn?

Members of the corps de ballet at the Royal Ballet earn £22,000 a year in their second year at the company. This rises by £1,000 every year they stay. Soloists earn £32,500, with the first soloist getting £39,000. Dancers who hop from company to company as guest artists negotiate their own fee for each production.

Do ballerinas go to school?

In the ballet world, the phrase “going to college” is sometimes regarded as the musings of a dancer who’s not really serious about their craft. So they choose to pursue an undergraduate dance degree to continue their ballet training in an academic atmosphere.

How much do Royal Ballet dancers get paid?

How much do ballerinas make?

On average most ballet dancers make between $14,500 and $36,500 a year. A ballet dancer’s salary increases if they work in multiple companies or have additional gigs. Major talents in ballet make, on average, six figures or more in a year.

How much do Royal Ballet dancers make?

Which country has the best ballerinas?

Russia is known for the beauty of its ballet companies and is one of the countries where ballet is hugely popular. Well, among the plethora of ballet countries in the country, the Bolshoi Ballet is the most highly regarded. It is one of the oldest ballet companies in the world and was founded as far back as 1776.

Where does the Royal Ballet perform in London?

From the Company’s base at the Royal Opera House in London’s Covent Garden, today’s most dynamic and versatile dancers come together with a world-class orchestra and leading choreographers, composers, conductors, designers and creative teams to share an awe-inspiring theatrical experience with diverse audiences worldwide.

Who is the music director of the Royal Ballet?

Conductor Koen Kessels has been Music Director of The Royal Ballet since 2015.

Is the Royal Opera House New to ballet?

Whether you’re new to ballet and opera or you’ve loved them all your life, we have something for you.

Who is the choreographer of Swan Lake Royal Opera House?

The reimagining of Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov’s towering masterpiece by Liam Scarlett is testament to the late choreographer’s abiding love of classicism and innate musicality which shine through the production.


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