Can you put a laser on a M&P Shield 40?

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Can you put a laser on a M&P Shield 40?

The LG-489 is a seamlessly integrated laser sight for Smith & Wesson’s M&P Shield 9mm & . 40 S&W concealed carry pistol. This Laserguard is designed to match the unique design of the pistol, and features our patented Instinctive Activation – meaning the laser is activated when the gun is held in a natural firing grip.

Can you put a laser on Smith and Wesson?

The TR4 is the most technologically-advanced laser sight available designed to fit the Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm / .

Does the M&P Shield have a rail?

Rather than have full-length rails, the M&P Shield has only four points of contact between the slide and frame. This is an advantage in dusty or muddy environments.

What caliber is M&P 40 Shield?

40 S&W
Model: M&P®40 SHIELD™ Caliber: 40 S&W. Capacity: 6+1, 7+1. Safety: Thumb Safety.

Can you put a light on M&P Shield?

The LTG-770 Lightguard is a 110 Lumen LED White Light designed to securely fit around the triggerguard of Smith & Wesson M&P Shield and M&P Shield M2. 0 pistols. With ruggedized polymer construction and a rapid change battery cap, this tactical light offers effective illumination for M&P Shield owners.

What kind of rail does a S&W M&P 2.0 have?

The 2.0 steel chassis will now run from the front edge of the Picatinny rail to the far rear of the grip. One of the original design components of the M&P line of pistols was using a steel chassis embedded into the polymer frame.

Does Smith and Wesson M&P have a safety?

This model M&P Shield EZ semi-automatic pistol features a thumb safety, and the grip safety is standard on all models. The tactile loaded chamber indicator can be seen or felt. The single-piece, single-action trigger has a consistently crisp light pull, with an audible and highly tactile reset.

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