Is the BMW 318ti reliable?

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Is the BMW 318ti reliable?

The 318ti is a fun, reliable, and efficient car to both own and drive. I have over 129,000 miles on my 1998 318ti that I purchased new and it’s still running strong. An excellent car that I would recommend to anyone!

What engine is in a BMW 318ti?

Used 1996 BMW 3 Series 318ti Specs & Features

Base engine size 1.9 l
Base engine type Gas
Cylinders Inline 4
Horsepower 138 hp @ 6000 rpm

What does the TI stand for in BMW 318ti?

What’s the history of the ti badge? For those who are wondering, the “ti” in the BMW 128ti is short for “Turismo Internazionale. Unfortunately, the 318ti wasn’t as well-received as BMW intended so when the E36 gave way to the E46 3 Series, the ti badge once again relocated to its premium spot in BMW’s shed.

What series is BMW 318ti?

3 Series
E36/5 Compact The 3 Series Compact range of three-door hatchback models were introduced in 1993, based on a shortened version of the E36 platform. The model code for the hatchback body style is “E36/5” and the model range consisted of the 316i, 316g, 318ti, 323ti and 318tds.

Is the BMW E46 reliable?

Many consider the E46 to be one of the best-handling cars BMW ever made. And because so many were made, it’s not terribly difficult to find one. Although the E46’s M54 engine suffers the same VANOS and water pump problems as the N52, BMW Tuning reports overall, it’s still a reliable powerplant.

Does BMW 318ti have Turbo?

Currently BMW does not factory turbo charge any cars except for the diesels. AS they were saying… you have an e36 body..also you have an e42 eninge, which comes inhandy if you do any tuning. NO BMW comes stock with a trubo altough everyone thinks… If your car had a turbo you would def.

What does the IS stand for in BMW 325is?

The is in bmw 325is stands for fuel injected sport.

What does TI stand for in BMW cars?

BMW 1800 TI And in this ‘New Class’ resided the first car on our list, 1963’s 1800 TI. Caps lock ‘ti’, you’ll note. It stands for ‘Turismo Internazionale’, and was applied to this three-box saloon (designed by one Signor Giovanni Michelotti) to denote it was the faster one.

Which E36 BMW is best?

Not only is the 328is a coupe, the best looking of all the E36 body styles, it sports with the best non-M engine the E36 ever came with, the M52 2.8 liter naturally-aspirated inline-six, with 190 hp.

When did the BMW 318ti Sport Edition come out?

General info Brand BMW Model series 3 Series (E36) compact (03/94 – 08/00) Model 318ti compact Sport Edition Internal code E36 Model start Sep-1997

What kind of power does a BMW 318ti have?

Equipped with straight 4 petrol (gasoline) engine with 1895 ccm capacity it produces 140 Hp and 103 kW power at 6000 rpm and 180 Nm torque at 4300 rpm with top claim speed 209 km/h and acceleration 0-100 km/h in 9,9 s All of the images have failed to load. Please click here to reach the troubleshooting fix.

What’s the value of a 1997 BMW 3 series?

See Trade-in Value Used 1997 BMW 3 Series 318ti Hatchback Coupe 2D Edit OptionsMileage: 153,403 4.6 Consumer Write a review View Gallery For Sale 29 BMW 3 Series vehicles nationwide. Used 1999

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