Where can I use meal points at OU?

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Where can I use meal points at OU?

Boren Hall, Cross Village, Dunham College and Headington College: Meals are used in Couch Restaurants, Dunham College Dining Hall and Headington College Dining Hall. Headington Hall: Meals are used at Wagner Dining in Headington Hall.

What restaurants are OU?

Fall 2021

  • Acre Provisions at Cross Village.
  • Amicus Café
  • Baja Fresh.
  • Basic Knead at Cross Village.
  • Café 201.
  • Chick-fil-A.
  • Couch Restaurants.
  • Credo at Cross Village.

Are freshmen required to live on campus at OU?

As an incoming freshman, am I required to live on campus? Yes! All freshman students must live in freshman-designated university housing for two semesters. Freshman students who meet one of the eligible exceptions may apply to the University Housing Review Committee (the “UHRC”) for an exemption.

What is a super suite at OU?

Super Suites In a super suite, a wall with an open doorway divides the two bedrooms, and the bathroom can only be accessed through one of the rooms. Our Tower suites have a solid wall dividing the two rooms, and the bathroom can be accessed through each room.

Are OU dorms co ed?

Co-Ed – Students of all gender identities can be assigned to co-ed communities and will live on the same floor, hall or wing. Bedrooms and bathrooms will be assigned as same-sex spaces. Honors/National Merit (David L. Boren Hall) – A part of Cate Center, this building also is home to the OU Honors College.

How does Mizzou dining work?

All Campus Dining Services (CDS) locations are cashless. If you use a CDS dining plan, Tiger Cash or Gold Cash, you will be able to make purchases using your Mizzou ID card! We also accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, credits and debit cards.

Where to eat on the University of Oklahoma campus?

Fast food outlets, deli, snack bars, baked goods, made-to-order salads and meals, coffee shops, and cafeteria-style dining can all be found right on campus. Whether you like to fit in three meals a day or eat on-the-go, you’ll find the meal plan that best fits your schedule at OU.

Are there dining services at Ohio State University?

Dining Services will continue to follow federal, state and local guidance regarding health and safety while providing food diversity and balanced nutrition across the university. Dining Services now serving Halal and Kosher friendly options in select locations.

When is Cafe 201 at the University of Oklahoma closed?

Monday- Friday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. This Campus Dining location is closed for the duration of summer 2021. Located in the Innovation Hub, Café 201 features a variety of coffee beverages, snacks and Cow on the Fly items. Café 201 provides a great spot to recharge between studying or working in the FabLab.

What does culinary services do at Ohio University?

Fresh. Convenient. Variety. Ohio University Culinary Services is proud to be one of the largest self-operated college dining services in the nation. Our goal is to provide the finest quality food and service at reasonable costs to our students and guests. Our meal plans offer flexibility, exceptional value and convenience.

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