How do you introduce an abbreviation in an essay?

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How do you introduce an abbreviation in an essay?

If using an acronym, you must introduce it with full terminology in the first instance so your reader knows what it means. You can do this by giving the full term first and the shortened version in parentheses: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has existed since 1949.

Can you use an acronym at the beginning of a sentence?

Acronyms and abbreviations must be spelled out completely on initial appearance in text. Use only if abbreviation is conventional, is apt to be familiar, will save considerable space, and will prevent cumbersome repetition. Avoid beginning a sentence with an acronym or an abbreviation.

How do you use acronym in a sentence?

Acronym in a Sentence In history class, the students learned the acronym NATO stands for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Remember to capitalize each letter of an acronym. Even the computer slang LOL is an acronym because it is an abbreviated version of the phrase Laugh Out Loud.

What are the rules for abbreviations?

Rules for AbbreviationsIntroduce Them with Parentheses. Abbreviate Personal and Professional Titles. Only Abbreviate Well-Known Terms. Look Closely at Initialisms. Keep Date Abbreviations Informal. Time and Time Zones Can Follow Several Styles. There Are USPS Standards for Addresses. Latin Abbreviations Need Punctuation.

Does am mean morning?

The term we associate with the morning, a.m., is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase ante merīdiem meaning “before midday.”

What time of day is noon?

This is the middle of the day, also called “NOON” (12:00 hours). This is the time from midnight to midday.

What time is noon pm or am?

Confusion at noon and midnightDevice or styleMidnight Start of dayNoonWritten 24-hour time, ISO 00Digital watches12:00 AM12:00 PMU.S. Government Publishing Office (1953)midnightnoon 12 o’clock noon 12 m.U.S. Government Publishing Office (2000)midnight12 a.m. noon7

Is 3pm an evening?

Therefore, afternoon is from 12:01 pm to 5:59 pm. Evening is from 6:00 pm until midnight. Therefore, afternoon is from 12:01 pm to 5:59 pm. Evening is from 6:00 pm until midnight.

Does midnight mean today or tomorrow?

It’s better to say noon or midnight. In that system, tonight’s midnight is the first moment of tomorrow. But as for the rest of us – there’s no official answer. That’s why airlines always schedule flights for 11:59 p.m. or 12:01 a.m. – never midnight.

Does midnight on Friday mean?

When someone refers to “midnight tonight” or “midnight last night” the reference of time is obvious. However, if a date/time is referred to as “at midnight on Friday, October 20th” the intention could be either midnight the beginning of the day or midnight at the end of the day.

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